6 Jul 2023

Traveling with AXE I/O ONE

Steve Sterlacci: “It's the perfect interface for the traveling guitar player.”

In this new video, Steve Sterlacci is preparing for a European tour and will be bringing along AXE I/O ONE. IK's compact interface for guitarists travels well and has all the features he needs to get work done in hotels and on the road.

Watch as Steve explains what he likes most about AXE I/O ONE and hear for yourself how it can shape your guitar tone in more ways than any other audio interface at its price.

It's going to allow me to not have to take my full pedalboard or anything into my hotel and still get work done!

Steve Sterlacci

The JFET circuit is going to give you, in my opinion, more top-end clarity and I really like the way that JFET feels under the fingers when you're playing.

And with the Z-TONE, you can dial in your perfect sweet spot and all your guitars will sound exactly the way that you want them to.

Steve Sterlacci

It also has an Amp Out. So for you TONEX users, you're going to be able to make TONEX captures with this, which I'm really excited about.

Steve Sterlacci

Visit Steve Sterlacci on YouTube for more guitar gear tips and tricks.

AXE I/O ONE is the ultimate compact and affordable 1-in/3-out audio interface for guitarists. With the included TONEX and AmpliTube 5 software it's a complete digital studio rig.

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