31 Mar 2023

Content Creator Power Series

Learn new ways to use iRig interfaces and create better-sounding content

IK is pleased to present a new series of videos. Join producer, musician and audio engineer Felice LaZae as she shares tips and tricks on using iRig interfaces from IK Multimedia.

In this first video, Felice explains how to use IK's new iRig Mic Stream Pro to produce content on your mobile device that sounds professional for Twitter spaces, video and podcasting.

Often times the audio aspect of content creation, especially when you're creating video content, gets overlooked.

That's why the iRig Stream Mic Pro is perfect for Content creators who don't want to be weighed down with tech setup, but still want great quality audio.

Felice LaZae

In this 2nd video, Felice shows how you can use loopback to add effects or backing tracks to your streams with an iRig Stream Mic Pro or an iRig Stream Solo, all from your mobile device.

Today, I'm going to show you some cool things you can do with the loopback feature which you can find in some of my favorite iRig devices including the iRig Stream Mic Pro and the iRig Stream Solo.

Felice LaZae

In this 3rd video, Felize discusses different ways you can use the iRig Stream Mic Pro to record on-location podcast content and in particular, how to take advantage of the mic's 4 different polar patterns to capture audio perfectly in different situations.

Even if you have a background in audio production, on-location podcasting can still be a real hassle with all the gear you have to lug around. That's why I want to talk about the iRig Stream Mic Pro.

This is a really great piece of equipment for on-location recording for many reasons.

Felice LaZae

In this 4th video of the series, Felize discusses what it's like to record multiple interviews on location using iRig Quatro Pro I/O and what sorts of mics she uses to take advantage of the 4 mic preamps onboard.

If you're doing anything on location whether it be podcasting, doing live performances, in-person interviews or video interviews, Quattro Pro I/O is a great Swiss army knife!

Felice LaZae

More videos to come. Check out Felice's Audiophyles website HERE.

iRig Stream Mic Pro is available now making it easier than ever to share your voice and music. It combines a professional multi-pattern condenser microphone and 24-bit, 96 kHz audio interface for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC into a single ultra-portable solution for music and content creation.


product image

iRig Stream Mic Pro




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