24 Mar 2023

Vintage Compressor Giveaway

Take IK's T-RackS Survey for a FREE T-RackS Single!

Exclusively for owners of any paid T-RackS version or single and for a limited time, IK Multimedia is giving away T-RackS Vintage Tube Compressor/Limiter Model 670 (a $/€79.99 value) in exchange for answering a few questions about T-RackS mixing and mastering plug-ins.

T-RackS Vintage Compressor Model 670 is based on the "Holy Grail" of compressor/limiters, the Fairchild™ 670, and can be yours for FREE.


product image

T-RackS Vintage Compressor Model 670

$/€79.99 FREE

With a faithful reproduction of each control, this is an incredibly accurate model that captures every nuance of one of the best Fairchild units available, one considered a true "golden reference."

And like all T-RackS plug-ins, the T-RackS Vintage Tube Compressor/Limiter Model 670 offers you two ways to work: as a standalone plug-in, or inside the T-RackS 5 shell.

Installing Vintage Compressor:

  1. Download and open IK Product Manager
  2. Select Manage My Products and then using the Software tab, click the Install button next to T-RackS 5
  3. Use the Authorize* button to the right of T-RackS 5

*Users already authorized can hover over the authorize option to re-authorize their software.

To participate in the survey, log in/register at: Vintage Compressor Giveaway

Enjoy T-RackS Vintage Compressor!


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