24 Apr 2024

A groundbreaking mini pedal of infinite tone possibilities for electric guitar and bass

24 Apr 2024

Kemuel Roig performs "A God of Wonders" on the Pianoverse Gran Concerto 278

22 Apr 2024

Sonic Drive Studio: “That tone is very nice. It just fits in the mix like a glove.”

19 Apr 2024

$/€69.99 for over 600 GB of sounds and 18,000 instruments

19 Apr 2024

60% off your new 500-series style plug-in rack

16 Apr 2024

“IK has just released a game-changing piece of hardware to the market.”

11 Apr 2024

New affordable entry points as low as $2.35 per plug-in!

10 Apr 2024

Kemuel Roig performs "Oh Happy Day" on the Pianoverse Gran Concerto 278

08 Apr 2024

“This is a great choice for producers to get a better mix and master.”

04 Apr 2024

Up to 50% off and get a free MODO BASS 2 or MODO DRUM 1.5

04 Apr 2024

Up to 73% off T-RackS 5 MAX – our lowest price ever

04 Apr 2024

Up to 60% off MODO BASS 2 or MODO DRUM 1.5

03 Apr 2024

HIFIMIDI: “A big sound suitable for solo playing or orchestral music.”

03 Apr 2024

“I love how dynamic it is, from a soft touch to the edge of breakup in one preset!”

03 Apr 2024

“A brand new device that solves a unique problem.”

02 Apr 2024

Watch and learn how to master your tone on stage and in the studio

01 Apr 2024

Save up to $/€100 on iRig and AXE I/O interfaces

29 Mar 2024

“My number one requirement was the sound quality. It passed the test no problem.”

28 Mar 2024

A new Signature Collection for TONEX featuring 4 legendary high-gain amps

28 Mar 2024

This free update is going to free up your pedalboard

28 Mar 2024

With purchase of a TONEX Pedal or TONEX MAX for a limited time

27 Mar 2024

Mitch Gallagher: “This is the dream room correction as far as I'm concerned.”

27 Mar 2024

Dan Leggatt: “This is my first ever capture. I'm impressed with the sound quality.”

26 Mar 2024

“An excellent improvement that ultimately leads to a better (perfect) mix.”

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