22 Sep 2022

iLoud Immersive Studio Focus

Miami-based Heiga Studios using iLoud MTM for Atmos

With their compact size and built-in room correction, IK's iLoud MTM monitors are the perfect solution for studios looking to expand into the realm of immersive audio. Heiga Studios based in Miami, Florida are a recent example, having just added Dolby Atmos mixing to their list of services. Here's why they turned to the iLoud MTM Immersive Bundle as their top choice.

The MTM Immersive Bundle allows us to have a great-sounding spatial mixing room and also keep it stylish with its small footprint, at a great price!

Malury Imbernon: CEO & Head of Visual Department

When we decided to add Dolby Atmos mixing services at Heiga Studios and while designing the room, we were looking for speakers that have the smallest footprint possible without sacrificing sound quality. And the IK Multimedia iLoud MTM came to mind immediately.

I've used the iLouds Micros for many years and believe the MTM Immersive Bundle fits our needs perfectly. After installation and calibration were done, we were not disappointed. The MTM delivered all expectations.

Adrian Morales-Demori: Multi Platinum & Latin Grammy-winning Executive Operations Leader

Operating out of a 3,200 sq. ft. facility in downtown Miami, Heiga Studios has been serving the music, video game, advertising, TV and Film industry since 2002, with numerous Gold and Platinum albums as well as a Latin GRAMMY Award-winning album recorded at their studios.

Learn more about Heiga Studios

Join the growing number of studios going immersive. Build your own affordable Atmos rig with built-in ARC speaker calibration and room correction. Learn more about iLoud MTM.

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iLoud MTM Immersive Bundle 11

$/€4399.99 $/€3999.99



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