18 May 2022

MusicTech on Quattro I/O

"Record in almost any situation with plenty of power and routing options."

MusicTech recently reviewed the new iRig Pro Quattro I/O, beginning the article with "IK's latest mobile interface is its most feature-packed to date." But is it possible to appeal to everyone from podcasters to filmmakers? The review aims to find out.

MusicTech verdict

  • Plenty of i/o for connecting your different devices
  • Inclusion of MIDI is a definite bonus
  • Covers a wide range of possible recording uses
  • Clever features like Loopback+ give you extra functionality

Here are a few quotes. A link to the full review is below.

The Quattro can operate at up to 24-bit, 96 kHz sample rate and in our tests it provided crisp and clear recordings when paired both with an iPad and a desktop computer.


"Recording into Logic on a Mac and multitracking into Cubasis on an iPad Pro, we got great results. For fun we also used it standalone mounted on a DSLR cage for run-and-gun style shooting and recording.

"As it often does, IK draws on its broad stable of software to offer a generous bundle of extra goodies which you can download after registering your hardware."

"The Quattro lends itself to a few different use cases and acquits itself well. There's pro-level i/o with the phantom-powered XLRs, internal downmixing when needed, clever loopback features and an onboard mic. We didn't receive the additional X/Y mics to test, but it's likely they make it a more capable field recorder.

Being able to hook up a variety of devices from pro mics to analogue gear and beyond means it's very flexible, and having MIDI is a nice bonus too, making it more useful as an interface for producers than if it only did audio.


"It's arguably not competing directly with desktop-only interfaces, designed as it is to be more of a go-anywhere sort of a device, even if it is perfectly possible to use it as a desktop unit.

As such it's sort of in a category of its own and should find fans across the spectrum from podcasters to videographers, iPad beat makers to live performers.


Read the full MusicTech review HERE.

Learn more about iRig Pro Quattro I/O HERE.


product image

iRig Pro Quattro I/O



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