15 Feb 2022

Syntronik 2 Gets Perfect Score

Gearspace: “Another excellent ode to classic keyboards from IK Multimedia.”

Gearspace recently published a review of Syntronik 2 awarding the virtual synthesizer collection 5 stars in all categories: Sound Quality, Ease of Use, Features, and Bang for Buck.

This complete overview of the synth workstation and its new features also contains links to Gearspace user reviews of the actual hardware synths found in Syntronik 2 for some further background. There's a link to the full review below, but here are some highlights:

Syntronik 2 from IK Multimedia

"Syntronik 2 is the latest version of IK Multimedia's sound generating program based on classic analogue (and some digital/hybrid) synths of the 1960's through early 2000's, and it is huge if you get the full package.

Even the free version is extremely useful and covers a lot of variety, but if you like what you hear with the freebie, you'll love the full monster!


"This new full version adds 11 models: the Octave Cat SRM, Yamaha GS1, Korg DW-8000, Waldorf Microwave, Oberheim Matrix-12, Oberheim OB-1, the OSCar, Sequential Prophet VS, Moog Source, Digital Keyboards Synergy II+, and the Korg Trident.

"The last update had brought the count to 22 models, so there are now 33. And actually, more than 33 synths were sampled for this collection – 54 in all to cover variations since no two analogue synths sound the same."

In Conclusion

"Another excellent ode to classic keyboards from IK Multimedia with a very reasonable price considering the quality, quantity and capability. The free version can actually do a lot, and will likely make you want to audition more of the synth models, which you can do for free before deciding which to buy.

The full MAX version with all 33 synth families saves you a lot of money over buying all the modules separately, so if you want all of them, go for it.


"If you like the iconic synth sounds of the 60's thru early 2000's Syntronik is a fine way to go. I got lost playing with it and found hours slipped by before I knew it."


  • While the MAX version may not seem 'cheap', there is good value for money – the full version ends up about $/€ 9 per synth module, unless you already have some credits* with IK that get it for you even cheaper.
  • Excellent sound quality and extreme versatility.
  • While based on samples from real classic keyboards, Syntronik employs a hybrid sample and modelling synthesis engine to "bend and stretch" sounds in many ways.
  • Standalone version is very playable and has a lot of capability with the FX rack, Multi-panel, the new Edit mode, MIDI controllers and the arpeggiator/sequencer Player.
  • DAW version adds a new automation control mode with up to 400 automation lanes!
  • A range of versions are available from the free CS version with 100 presets, 2.4 GB of sound content with full app and plug-in functionality to the "MAX version" with all 33 synths, 71 FX, over 5,500 presets and over 200 GB of sound content.

Read the full Gearspace Syntronik 2 review

There's a Syntronik 2 for every budget! Click HERE to explore the different versions, see the latest offers and learn if you qualify for any additional discounts. *JamPoints welcome!

product image

Syntronik 2 MAX



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