8 Jul 2021

MixBox Presets: Jakob Haq

The mobile musician and producer shares his personal favorites

Great news for MixBox users: IK Multimedia continues offering monthly MixBox preset packs from top-flight producers and audio engineers for FREE.

Whichever version of MixBox you use, Mac/PC or iOS, these presets will give you instant inspiration and a glimpse into the minds of studio pros and how they put their signal chains together.

Continuing the series this month is mobile musician and producer Jakob Haq, alias haQ attaQ.

Jakob Haq is a pioneer in mobile music from Sweden with over 25 years of experience in computerized music-making. He mainly produces music using portable music hardware gear with an iPad as a central platform

Jakob is also a content creator on YouTube and over the past three years has produced nearly 700 videos for his channel. This includes tutorials, reviews, demos and developer interviews featuring hardware and music apps.

Jakob's presets for MixBox

MixBox CS by IK Multimedia is a very powerful mixing tool. I know that now after mixing an entire track with it. I even used MixBox for the mastering process too!

Jakob Haq

The July MixBox preset pack comes with 24 from Jakob Haq, organized across these categories: Bass (10), Bus Processing (1), Spaces (2), Synth (6) and Vocals (5).

We're pleased that Jakob is sharing this collection of his personal presets for MixBox and we can make them available for FREE to our registered MixBox users. We look forward to more exciting preset packs in the months ahead.

How to get your MixBox presets

For MixBox iOS users, make sure you're updated to v1.2.0 and you'll find info on how to add the monthly presets inside the messages center in the menu. Alternatively, register the app, log into the My Products section of the IK user area, and then click on related downloads for MixBox CS.

For MixBox desktop users, below are instructions on how to get these great presets for your MixBox. Enjoy!

  1. Download your presets from the IK Product Manager.
  2. Find your downloads.
  3. Extract your downloads and find the installation instructions to complete the process.

Windows: Your download will open in File Explorer automatically.

Mac: Your download will be found in Finder in your Documents, under the MixBox folder.*

*If you have set a custom download path for IK Product Manager, this can be found in the Settings menu in IK Product Manager in the upper right-hand corner.

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