25 Jun 2021

Amazona.de reviews UNO Synth Pro

“A very potent analog synth that knows how to please.”

Amazona.de recently published a thoughtful review of IK's new UNO Synth Pro, giving it the top score possible: 3 out of 3.

German-based Amazona.de believes that music can change the world. The popular platform is perfect for musicians and music buffs alike to learn about new and old gear with reviews, workshops and more.

The review is entirely in German, but there's a lengthy playlist of UNO Synth Pro sound samples at the end that's easy to understand. See the article link below for that. Here's a translation of the review's highlights and closing remarks:

First impressions

"As soon as you unpack it, you realize this isn't a plastic toy. The housing is made of metal all around. Absolutely well-made. A lot has also happened with the connections of the Uno Synth Pro. Because the idea was to enable its integration into a modular setup."

I have the feeling that we could be dealing with a modern classic that will establish its own fan base and inspire them for a long time to come.

Ich habe das Gefühl, dass wir es hier mit einem modernen Klassiker zu tun haben könnten, der seine eigene Fangemeinde finden und lange begeistern wird.


Creating sounds

"The Uno Synth Pro now has 3 oscillators that can handle sync as well as FM and ring modulation. Due to the number, a paraphonic mode with three tones is now possible, which enables you to use triads - not to be underestimated.

"The far-reaching innovation in terms of synthesis is the modulation matrix with 16 slots. The CV / Gate input can also be used as a modulation source here. Of course, the intensity of one modulation can also be controlled via another.

"Overall, the matrix is well-done and the main reason for the enormous tonal expansion compared to the first UNO Synth."

Onboard effects

"The effects section has been completely redesigned and now offers "Studio Grade FX." And although this is one of the usual marketing techniques, they are very useful when used properly and sparingly.

"There are a total of four FX slots with fixed FX in sequence: analog drive, chorus / phaser / flanger, delay and reverb. There are different types and all settings are saved within a preset. All in all, it's a very potent FX section that contributes to the sound character of the Uno Synth Pro."

Arpeggiator and sequencer

"The arpeggiator has 10 different modes and impresses with the possibility of setting pauses using the 16 step buttons, which can turn simple arpeggios into attractive sequences. In addition, you can also set the gate time and the amount of swing.

"The sequencer can be fed in chunks or switched to record mode using the Record and Play buttons and handles up to 64 steps of notes and parameters (e.g. filter cutoff)."

In practice

"After some time with the Uno Synth Pro, I have to say that it is a very potent analog synth that knows how to please. With the third oscillator, the second filter, the mod matrix and yes, the new effects, the range of sounds has grown significantly."

In conclusion

"I can only sum it up as successful. The Uno Synth Pro has advances here and there that set it apart from other analog synths. The version with the excellent Fatar keyboard is clearly suitable for the stage, while the desktop version saves space for studio use. There are enough synthesis possibilities to cover a wide sound space. Programming is also quite comfortable."

Stand out features

  • Top-notch playability
  • Extremely expansive sound spectrum

Read the full Amazona.de article here

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