9 Apr 2021

Ryan Bruce demos AmpliTube 5 MAX

“How cools is that? And I’ve just barely scratched the surface!”

Recently, guitar ace Ryan "Fluff" Bruce tested AmpliTube 5 MAX for Guitar World. Ryan's been an AmpliTube fan since the beginning and shares his impressions on the new gear and features of IK's latest guitar and bass tone studio.

"I was able to come up with an in-the-mix tone that I was super, super satisfied with. And I didn't use any external effects or processors on this guitar tone whatsoever.

"My goal was to take a rectifier tone, which is notoriously difficult to recreate in the amp sim world because there's a lot of nuance to the rectifier circuit. I think IK Multimedia has really nailed it."

Even taking into account how revolutionary a product AmpliTube has always been, IK has outdone itself with this 5th iteration.

Ryan Bruce

Ryan then goes on to run his tone through AmpliTube 5's new cabinet section, demonstrating how the VIR technology works.

"I'm literally switching speakers in the cabinet. How cool is that? I'm mixing and then blending what I think sounds the best. So, I basically blended a Vintage 30 and a Greenback together, which I love doing in real life, so it makes sense that I would like how this sounds!"

Ryan continues demoing the new gear: moving through the effects section, trying out some patches, and swapping a number of amp heads. "Pretty cool! And I've just barely scratched the surface of what AmpliTube 5 has to offer!"

That's right, Ryan! AmpliTube 5 MAX is deep with over 400 pieces of gear, including 129 brand-new models of classic analog gear.

If you haven't tried AmpliTube 5 yet, consider getting AmpliTube 5 CS, the free version that comes with 39 essential gear models, all yours to keep. It's a great way to experience the power of AmpliTube 5. And if you already own a previous version of AmpliTube, all your gear will stay unlocked and available in AmpliTube 5 CS, sounding better than ever!

Learn more on AmpliTube 5
Watch Ryan's video review for Guitar World here


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