31 Mar 2021

Check out a new song created exclusively with AmpliTube 5 and AXE I/O

"It's like having the real amps right there on your desktop"

Sam Bell, highly sought after UK session guitarist and educator, has been talking to us about how he was inspired to create a new song exclusively using only AmpliTube 5 and his AXE I/O, the result of which he kindly lets us see in this new video.

AmpliTube 5 is very inspiring to use, it’s like having the real amps right there on your desktop. The AXE I/O interface really helps you to dial-in your guitars signal using the ‘Z-Tone’ feature and the JFET emulation to add a bit more amp like dynamic to the direct signal.

For this demo, I got carried away with the BOSTON 100 and SJ50 amp models. They inspired me to come up with an 80’s style guitar instrumental, honing my inner Satriani, Vai, Gilbert and Lukather. The track I’ve called ‘LIFE!’. Just being aware and alive is a huge gift that we can often overlook, especially when life gets clouded with worry. This track hopefully captures the joy of remembering our true nature behind all of life’s ups and downs.

I not only used the BOSTON 100 & SJ50 for the core tones. I used the tape echo to add size and space to each guitar sound and at points boosted these amps with the Satriani Overdrive pedal. I also used the Jazz Amp 120 CFH for some clean overdubs in the background, utilising its built in chorus. For the bass I used the SVX-500 amp model which really surprised me. It’s the best direct bass tone a guitarist like myself could ask for.”

Sam Bell is an inspiring session guitarist and solo artist from the UK. Specialising in a variety of styles from rock, blues, soul, fusion and funk. He's shared the stage with artists such as Paul Gilbert, Plini, Lloyd Wade, Jakub Zyteki, Chris Buck and Tom Quayle. He is an acclaimed educator and tutor.

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