25 Feb 2021

The science behind the art

How MODO BASS and DRUM are breaking sound barriers

Ready for a quick course on the merits of modeling vs. sampling? Here we go.

Ask Audio recently published "A Music Producer's Guide to Modeled Instruments" calling out MODO BASS and MODO DRUM as prime examples of plug-ins that offer comprehensive modeling. Ask Audio is a great resource for digital music makers covering the latest news, reviews, tutorials and interviews.

The article is technical enough to be valuable reading for sound designers or producers who want to make better-sounding music, and perhaps instruct clients on the science behind the art. Here are a few excerpts:

"The latest development in virtual instrument (V.I.) technology is modeling. As computer power increased exponentially over the last 30 years or so, modeling instruments came of age, and that technology is now firmly established in the panoply of modern V.I.s.

Unlike Sampling, which relies on recordings of notes from real (physical) instruments, modeling technology utilizes raw computer power to emulate a physical instrument from scratch.

This method of sound generation offers the ability to more effectively simulate the dynamic response and subtle performance nuances of a physical instrument.

Powered by modern CPUs, modeling tech is now being used successfully to emulate acoustic instruments like piano, drums, bass, and others.

There's currently a fairly wide (and growing) selection of modeled instruments out there. Many are dedicated plug-ins that offer models of specific instruments: IK Multimedia's MODO plug-ins offer comprehensive modeling of drums and electric bass instruments.

All of these include specific programming options for tweaking the character of the particular type of instrument they specialize in, like the IK MODO DRUM controls for specifying drum skin material, shell depth and thickness, and other drum and cymbal-specific parameters."

With all the powerful technology inside IK's MODO BASS and DRUM, you owe it to your music to try them out (for free) and experience the sonic control and realism that can be yours.

Learn more about MODO BASS and DRUM
Read the full Producer's Guide at Ask Audio


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