23 Oct 2020

Artists, users, & media love Z-TONE!

Hear what fellow guitarists have to say about our Z-TONE tone shaping technologies.

The results are in and Z-TONE is what all of the buzz is about.  We've complied together a series of reviews, comments, and quotes from users of Z-TONE Buffer Boost and Z-TONE DI from all over the world.  What do they love most about our on-board tone shaping technology?  Find out below.

This is a swiss army knife for your pedal board, helping preserve and shape your tone.

"Where it starts to get interesting is that you can set the preamp pedal to work with either active or passive pickups, meaning you simply flip a switch for either option going into your rig."

"There is a ton of tone packed into this little pedal."

"The “JFET” setting is all over the place, in a good way. From a slight dirty boost that just makes your guitar cut through the mix, to a full on overdrive sound with the level and gain cranked."

The Z-TONE DI performed as advertised, with significantly more flexibility than most traditional DIs or the hi-Z guitar inputs found on many project recording interfaces today.

"I felt it helped get the most out of the raw guitar signal, making maximum fidelity available in the final track."

"All in all, the Z-TONE DI is well-conceived, sturdily put together and very reasonably priced for the features and signal quality it offers, and makes a DI to be reckoned with for today’s project recordist."

The J-FET-buffered circuit sprinkles some magic dust on your tone, livening up its harmonic response and adding a soupçon of analogue warmth.

Variable impedance, switchable "pure" vs FET-buffered circuit, flexible routing... The IK Multimedia Z TONE DI has a lot to recommend it.


Artists like Joe Satriani, Bumblefoot, and many more have also spent some time with our Z-TONE technology, quoting the below.

"I started with the pedal bypassed. Added 50% boost, the guitar became bright & punchy... Then added JFET Z-TONE turned up towards 'Bold' and it totally filled in the middle - what a difference this pedal makes! (Livens up driven tones really well too)." - Bumblefoot

As a fan and user of AXE I/O and an AmpliTube Signature Artist, Joe Satriani has spent a ton of time using our tools.  Watch below to see how Z-TONE has impacted his guitar recording experience.

All in all, Z-TONE is used in many different ways, but everyone agrees that the tone shaping that can be done with these tools is unlike any other.  Try it for yourself with one of our many great Z-TONE products including AXE I/O, AXE I/O Solo, Z-TONE Buffer Boost, and Z-TONE DI.  


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