8 Nov 2019

Marcella Araica on iLoud MTM

Esteemed recording and mixing engineer talks about how she uses the new iLoud MTM studio monitors.

Marcella Araica knows a thing or two about a good mix, recording and mixing for artists such as Brittney Spears, Madonna, P!nk, Duran Duran, and more.  When it comes to her studio speakers, she trusts that the iLoud MTM studio monitors are delivering a sound that she can rely on.  After becoming a big fan of the iLoud Micro Monitors as a trustworthy, balanced reference speaker to ensure that her mix will translate well across all platforms, Marcella has taken on a new love with the added functionality of iLoud MTM.  

The first job of any studio monitor is to deliver accurate, uncolored sound so you can trust your mixing decisions will translate across multiple playback systems. iLoud MTM uses the most advanced DSP techniques to provide total control over the speakers’ performance, delivering results simply not obtainable with traditional analog designs.  What would cost thousands of dollars to tune a room is now a thing of the past as iLoud MTM integrates built-in acoustic self-calibration via the included ARC™ reference microphone, to automatically adjust the frequency response to its placement.

Hear the truth in your music without breaking the bank with traditional big-box speakers.  Learn more about iLoud MTM here.


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