27 Jan 2023

With GRAMMY-winning Mix Engineer Bob Horn (BTS, Usher, Lupe Fiasco)

26 Jan 2023

Jason Sadites: "Hands down the BIGGEST upgrade to my studio yet!"

26 Jan 2023

A high-quality multi-pattern microphone and stereo/4-channel audio interface

25 Jan 2023

50% off All-in collections and more

24 Jan 2023

See Mix Magazine's 23 Pro Audio companies to watch in 2023

23 Jan 2023

Listen to this impressive Tone Model comparison by Sonic Drive Studio

20 Jan 2023

“IK’s affordable iLoud range has grown into a serious monitoring tool.”

20 Jan 2023

Up to 71% off our acclaimed bass virtual instrument

19 Jan 2023

Play, capture and AmpliTube integration with Perfecto De Castro

18 Jan 2023

"I challenge anyone to tell me if it is a real B3 or the B-3X software."

17 Jan 2023

$/€100 off AI Machine Modeled tone creator, player and browser

16 Jan 2023

IK's preset-sharing community soars past another milestone

12 Jan 2023

Watch John Nathan Cordy create a TONEX Tone Model and hear the results

12 Jan 2023

GearNews highly recommends IK’s affordable analog synth

12 Jan 2023

“There is such a thing as a portable, reference, studio monitor and they sound fantastic!"

10 Jan 2023

Up to 83% off IK's total music production suite

10 Jan 2023

Plus all brand and artist collections are just $/€29.99 each

10 Jan 2023

Save 67% on premium mixing and mastering software

10 Jan 2023

Save $/€200 and get all 13 kits

09 Jan 2023

Hear the top tones of the past year and download your favorites

09 Jan 2023

Audiophyles presents a detailed course on using iRig Stream Solo for social audio

09 Jan 2023

“An amazing audio tool that is cost-effective for all it does!”

05 Jan 2023

“These speakers will be pushing sound for me for years to come!”

05 Jan 2023

“Guitar amps are pointless?! This plug-in changes everything.”

04 Jan 2023

IK Multimedia's new iLoud studio monitors go under the microscope

03 Jan 2023

“IK have made TONEX very user friendly and it is capable of excellent results.”

30 Dec 2022

“IK Multimedia affirms its brilliance for making virtual session players.”

30 Dec 2022

Michael Nielsen on IK’s new iLoud Precision 5 studio monitors

29 Dec 2022

Watch Kyle Bull use TONEX to Tone Model a Peavey Triple XXX

27 Dec 2022

Watch this video demo on how to make a great Tone Model

23 Dec 2022

Catch up with all the latest TONEX tutorials, demos and reviews

23 Dec 2022

Atlantic Records West Studio Manager CD Rios on IK’s new iRig Pro

21 Dec 2022

See the video review on MODO BASS 2 from Home Studio Simplified

21 Dec 2022

New video demonstrates how TONEX and other modelers compare to the real gear

20 Dec 2022

Are these the ULTIMATE studio monitors for recording and mixing?

16 Dec 2022

The closest thing to a real Dumble? New video demo answers the question.


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