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My UNO Synth won't connect to my UNO Synth Editor?

To connect your UNO Synth to the UNO Synth Editor, you will need to have firmware version installed. The latest version of your device's firmware can be found here.
To check your current firmware version, look for the number after the CAL (calibration) process on start up using your UNO Synth LED screen.

  1. Using the latest firmware version, launch your UNO Synth Editor and click/tap the MENU symbol in the upper right hand corner. Select your UNO Synth as your MIDI Input and MIDI Output

  2. If your device still does not connect, select the MIDI Channel your UNO Synth is currently set to. If you do not use other MIDI gear, set Input Channel to "Any", and Output Channel to "1".

  3. Once completed you will see your UNO Synth Editor change from "Waiting for UNO" to the currently loaded preset name.

Note* If your UNO Synth shows as red, this means another program is trying to access this device. Disable your UNO Synth in any other programs to select your UNO Synth in these cases.

If this FAQ did not help get you started, please reach out to our support team here.

FAQ ID: 1233



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