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Yes! From AmpliTube version 3.4 onwards, it is possible to share in-app purchases between your iOS devices as well as between the 5 main AmpliTube versions:

  • AmpliTube (for iPhone)
  • AmpliTube CS (for iPhone)
  • AmpliTube (for iPad)
  • AmpliTube CS (for iPad)
  • AmpliTube LE (for iPhone)*

*No longer available on iTunes...

In addition, if you have purchased any of the individual AmpliTube apps such as AmpliTube Fender (iPhone/iPad), AmpliTube Slash (iPhone/iPad), AmpliTube Orange (iPhone/iPad), and more, that gear can now be loaded into any of the 4 main AmpliTube apps listed above (AmpliTube LE no longer available). 

The sharing process uses iCloud to merge the in-app purchases, and syncs the apps to the merged in-app purchases. If you do not have an iCloud account, you will need to create one to proceed.

  1. Merge your in-app purchases onto iCloud

    • Log into iCloud on the device with the active in-app purchases you want to share.
    • Launch the AmpliTube version with the active in-app purchases you want to share.
    • Your in-app purchases are now merged onto iCloud.

  2. Sync AmpliTube to the merged in-app purchases*

    • Launch any AmpliTube version you want to retrieve in-app purchases into. This will sync this AmpliTube version's in-app purchases with iCloud's.
    • Your in-app purchases are now available in all the AmpliTube versions launched in the previous step.

Note: *If you want to retrieve the in-app purchases on another device, log into iCloud on that device with the same user account as in step 1 and proceed to step 2 on that device.

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