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How do I get started with my AXE I/O?

To get started, download and install your AXE I/O Control Panel & Drivers. Once downloaded and installed, connect your AXE I/O to your system and launch the AXE I/O Control Panel.

Important: On Mac, the AXE I/O Control Panel will open directly to the top navigation bar. The icon which appears here can be right-clicked to enter the Firmware updater or Control Panel.

Once launched your Control Panel will tell you if you need to update your device's firmware. When available, be sure to update. This will make sure your unit it up-to-date with the latest improvements and features.

Once updated you are good to go! Launch your audio software and you can get started using your AXE I/O like any other audio interface.

Important: When presented the option to open the Control Panel from your DAW or Audio Software like AmpliTube 4, make sure to use this option. Otherwise you may not be able to adjust all available options for your AXE I/O.

In the future, your AXE I/O Control Panel will keep you up to date on that latest Firmware. If you prefer, you can right click the AXE I/O Control Panel icon in the top navigation bar (Mac) or Taskbar in the lower right hand corner (Windows).

Important: The CONTROLLER page in the AXE I/O Control Panel can be edited, so if you need to get back to the default settings, right-click anywhere to see this option.

If you need further assistance after reading this FAQ, please check with our support team here.

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