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Is my IK Hardware Product compatible with my USB-C iOS Device?

The following hardware products will work with iOS devices, like the 2018 iPad Pro, which use a USB-C port as opposed to the traditional Lightning or 30-pin ports.

*These products will not allow for charging with USB-C based iOS devices as they would with iOS devices which use Lightning ports. We have seen many users successfully charge their iOS devices while using these iRig devices using an adapter. See an example of an adapter we've used here.

Additional Information:

  • iRig Stomp I/O – This device will not work with the IK Multimedia USB-C to Mini-DIN cable. This will required a USB-C to USB-B cable. The example here has been used in various trade shows to show off our products.
  • iRig Pads, iRig Keys, iRig Keys Pro, & iRig Keys Mini - These products offer two ports, a Micro-USB and a Mini-DIN port. These products will use the Micro USB port for USB-C compatibility. The IK USB-C to Micro USB cable here can be used for this connection.
  • iRig devices with TRRS 3.5mm (Headphone port) connections will work with the Apple USB-C to 3.5mm adapter. This is not an ideal solution and we suggest a digital iRig for USB-C iOS device use.

Click here to view or purchase a USB-C cable compatible with our products.

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