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Yes! To get working on Windows you need to download a 3rd party driver called ASIO4ALL. Although it is a 3rd party driver, we have tested it in several Windows configurations with good results.

This workaround is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Please follow these steps to setup your device on Windows:

1. Download ASIO4ALL v2 here:  http://www.asio4all.com/

2. Install ASIO4ALL.exe

3. Launch AmpliTube 3 or your DAW

4. In AmpliTube 3, click on Settings > Audio/MID Setup. Select ASIO driver, then choose ASIO4ALL v.2 driver.

5. Click to view the 'Panel'

6. You are now viewing the ASIO4ALL Panel, click the 'wrench' icon in lower right corner, a red 'X" will appear over it. You will see various devices listed under the WDM Device List.

Click the enable/power button for the iRig UA.

7. Once the above is set, view your AmpliTube 3 Settings > Audio/MIDI Settings window once again. Under Input channels, you can now view and select iRig UA as your interface. Note that iRig UA may appear as "USB Audio Device 1" and "USB Audio Device 2" for your Left and Right channels.

Note:  Do NOT enable the 'Hardware Buffer' under Options in the ASIO4ALL panel, as this causes poor performance.

You are now ready to play!

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