UNO Synth Pro Editor

Next generation analog unleashed

Ready to release the full power of UNO Synth Pro? Now you can. The UNO Synth Pro Editor is here to give you access to all the parameters under the hood. While the Editor does not generate sound on its own, it will free how you work with UNO Synth Pro hardware, harnessing the power of your Mac/PC to easily create, save and manage presets.

UNO Synth Pro Editor requires UNO Synth Pro with firmware version 2.0.0 or later.

Use the IK Product Manager to download the UNO Synth Pro Editor
for Mac/PC and firmware updater.

Bridging the divide

The Editor works as both a standalone application and as a plug-in inside your favorite DAW. This means you can program and play the UNO Synth Pro just like a virtual instrument with total recall. Open the editor and it recalls its previous settings from the last session. And its freely resizable GUI allows you to adjust the window size to fit your workflow.


Sound creation made easy

The Editor gives you access to many synthesis parameters of the UNO Synth Pro that are beyond its front panel controls: parameters that are only available via shortcuts or menu access are now right in front of you, in one intuitive interface.

For the oscillators, the FM modulation and glide are shown in their relative sections. For the envelopes, you get instant access to the loop buttons, allowing the envelopes to work like complex LFOs and retrigger controls. In the filter section, you can now visually grasp the elegance and power of UNO Synth Pro’s filter section and experience freely its sound-shaping capabilities.

Use the Editor like a soft synth or virtual instrument to instantly access any parameter of the UNO Synth Pro while retaining the pure, unmatched sound of real-analog circuits. UNO Synth Pro responds to parameter changes in the Editor and vice versa in real-time for effortless creativity.

Complete preset management

The Editor also lets you manage a massive number of presets easily and transfer them between your Mac/PC and UNO Synth PRO. Quickly browse, audition and search a limitless number of presets.

You can arrange presets into your own custom categories or sort by style, genre, date or setlist. Instantly add and re-order presets on UNO Synth Pro itself. Or save presets from your synth back to the Editor for later editing and use. When it’s time to perform, use the bulk transfer feature to move presets back and forth and prepare your UNO Synth Pro quickly for the show.

UNO SYNTH - connection points

Getting it together

The Editor makes it a breeze to precisely configure UNO Synth Pro for integration into your existing rig. The Global Settings menu provides a convenient way to map MIDI routings, letting you easily assign communication across both the MIDI DIN ports and USB. Connect outboard gear and virtual apps instantly. And use UNO Synth Pro as both a MIDI interface and MIDI controller.


The only way to go

Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of a powerful plug-in, but with the massive sound of a real analog synthesizer. With UNO Synth Pro Editor, you can take your music production to the next level, creating exciting sounds faster than you ever imagined.

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