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Total Studio 2 MAX
From Total Studio MAX.

Total Studio 2 MAX
From AmpliTube MAX, SampleTank MAX, T-RackS 4 MAX, T-RackS 5 MAX, Miroslav Philharmonik 2.

Total Studio 2 MAX
From any previously purchased product of a value of $/€99.99 or more.

Total Studio 2 MAX

Product Spotlight

UNO SynthTrue analog synthesizer. Easily programmable. Ultra-portable.

London GroovesAn authentic Rock Drum Beat anthology for SampleTank 3, with over 70 loop instruments and 1500 wavs.

iRig Stomp I/OUSB pedalboard controller/audio interface for iOS, Mac, PC

iLoud Micro Monitor White Special EditionUltra-compact, high quality reference studio monitors

iLoud Micro MonitorUltra-compact, high quality reference studio monitors

Syntronik DeluxeThe Legendary Synth Powerhouse Expanded

Leslie CollectionThe official Leslie collection for AmpliTube and T-RackS. Includes AmpliTube Leslie and T-RackS Leslie.

AmpliTube LeslieThe official Leslie collection for AmpliTube

T-RackS LeslieThe official Leslie® collection for T-RackS

Total Studio 2 MAXThe ultimate software collection of 94 VI & FX products

Total Studio 2 DELUXEThe deluxe software collection of 35 VI & FX products

Syntronik for iPhone/iPadLegendary Synth Powerhouse for iPhone and iPad

MODO BASSThe first physically modeled electric bass virtual instrument

iRig Keys I/O 25Keyboard controller with audio interface and 25 full-size keys for iOS, Mac/PC

iRig Keys I/O 49Keyboard controller with audio interface and 49 full-size keys for iOS, Mac/PC

iRig Mic HD 2Handheld digital condenser microphone for iPhone, iPad and Mac/PC

SyntronikThe Legendary Synth Powerhouse

T-RackS 5Mixing and mastering workstation with 9 processors

iRig Pre HDDigital microphone interface with Class A preamp for iOS, Mac and PC

T-RackS 5 DeluxeMixing and mastering workstation with 22 processors

T-RackS 5 MAXMixing and mastering workstation with 38 processors

T-RackS Custom ShopMixing and mastering plug-ins on demand

ONEAll-in one Mastering Processor

Dyna-MuVari-mu Tube Compressor

EQualPrecision EQ processor with analog curves

Master MatchAutomatic matching mastering processor

Full MeteringFull Metering Section for T-RackS 5

iKlip GOProfessional selfie stick with Bluetooth shutter

Ampeg SVX 2Iconic Ampeg® amps from the Classic and Heritage series

ARC System 2.5Acoustic Room Correction System plug-in with MEMS microphone

iRig Pro I/OUniversal ultra-compact audio/MIDI interface for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac/PC

Fender Collection 2 for iPadClassic Fender tone on your iPad

Fulltone CollectionThe official Fulltone® effects collection for AmpliTube

iRig Recorder 3 for AndroidPro-audio recording and editing app with video for Android

iRig RecorderPro-audio recording and editing app with video for iPhone/iPad

iRig Acoustic StageAdvanced digital microphone system for acoustic guitar

Fender Collection 2The iconic collection of Fender® amps from the '57 Custom Series, '53 Bassman and '65 Super Reverb

What’s inside

Here’s What Makes It MAX.

Total Studio 2 MAX gives you 94 products, 16,800 sounds, 39 mix/mastering processors, and 350 guitar/bass gear models.

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17 instruments and over 2,000 presets based on 38 iconic vintage synths.

Syntronik - 99
Based on* Yamaha SY99

Syntronik - Blau
Based on* PPG Wave 2.3

Syntronik - Bully
Based on* Moog Taurus I, II, 3

Syntronik - DCO-X
Based on* Roland JX-10, JX-8P, JX-3P

Syntronik - Galaxy
Based on* Alesis Andromeda

Syntronik - Harpy 260
Based on* ARP 2600

Syntronik - J-60
Based on* Roland Juno-60

Syntronik - J-8
Based on* Roland Jupiter-8, Jupiter-6, Jupiter-4

Syntronik - Minimod
Based on* Modular Moog, Minimoog Model D, Moog Voyager

Syntronik - Noir
Based on* Multimoog, Micromoog, Moog Prodigy

Syntronik - OXa
Based on* Oberheim OB-X, OB-Xa

Syntronik - Polymorph
Based on* Moog Polymoog, Opus 3, Rogue, Realistic Concertmate MG-1

Syntronik - Pro-V
Based on* Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, Prophet-10

Syntronik - SAM
Based on* Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module)

Syntronik - String Box
Based on* ARP String Ensemble (Solina), Elka Rhapsody 490, Hohner String Performer, Roland RS-505 Paraphonic, Roland RS-09 Organ/Strings

Syntronik - T-03
Based on* Roland TB-303 Bassline

Syntronik - V-80
Based on* Yamaha CS-80, GX-1, CS-01II



Acoustic & Electronic

SampleTank 3 MAX

24 libraries, 4,600 instruments, 7,400 drums and loops, 3,500 MIDI patterns.

SampleTank 3
The ultimate sound and groove workstation - Now with Custom Shop!

Alan Parsons Imperial Grand
A prestigious concert grand piano recorded by a renowned engineer at a world-class studio.

Art Deco Piano
One of the most visually and sonically striking pianos of all time.

Brandenburg Piano
A warm classical grand built in Berlin, Germany in 1958 with a deep, rich and unforgettable tone.

American Acoustic
One of the most famous American-made acoustic guitars of all time.

Billy Cobham Drums
Put the sounds and grooves of legendary jazz-fusion drummer Billy Cobham into your next recording.

Cinematic Percussion
A producer's treasure chest of samples, loops and MIDI patterns from the actual instruments used in Hollywood blockbuster film.

Future Synths
Spice up your tracks with this massive collection of dancefloor-ready synths.

Hugh Padgham Drums
Use the legendary "stone room" drum sound of engineer-producer Hugh Padgham in your next recording.

Neil Peart Drums
Get the sounds and grooves of the legendary Rush drummer into your own productions.

Orchestral Percussion
Dream collection of classical percussion samples, loops and MIDI patterns for the modern symphonic composer. For Miroslav Philharmonik 2 and SampleTank 3.

Terry Bozzio Drums
Spice up your drum sounds and grooves with kit samples and loops from the highly-inventive Missing Persons, UK, Jeff Beck and Frank Zappa drummer, Terry Bozzio.

Retro melodics, sun-drenched beats and tape-saturated music loops — everything with organic sweetness.

Deep House
An essential mix of jackin’ beats, big-room bass, shiny synths, classic pianos, huge FX and more.

Hyperkinetic breaks, wobbling bass tones, twisted melodies, smooth chords and classic FX.

Brutal bass, aggressive attitude, apocalyptic rhythms, devastating loops, distorted construction kits and more.

Indie Dance
Neon loops, disco-infused basslines, glittering synths, fun melodies and more.

Chunky house beats, spacious atmospherics, funky bass grooves and twisted synth lines.

Industrial rhythms, machine percussion, dark synths, shuffling tops and hypnotic loops.

Euphoric synth leads, blissed-out pads, blistering basslines, pumping kick-only loops and a prime spread of massive FX.

Astounding glitched-out loops, trippy and intricate patterns, howling organic growls and gritty percussion.

EDM killer beats, energy building risers and rushes, euphoric stabs and ultra-punchy drums.

Power Up
From minimal and punchy to fast and crunchy beats and hits in the style of Hip-Hop, Trap, Breaks and Electro Funk.

The Grid
Electronic drum kit and construction kit for SampleTank 3 with 50 sounds.



Cinematic & Orchestral

Miroslav Philharmonik 2

2,700 instruments, 34 studio effects including convolution reverb.

Ensemble Strings
4 Basses, 5 Cellos, 8 Violas, 11, 14 and 23 Violins.

Solo Strings
Contrabass, Cello, Viola, Violin.

Ensemble Brass
11-piece Tubas, Trombones, French, Horns, Trumpets.

Solo Brass
Tuba, Bass Trombone, Trombone, French Horn, Trumpet.

Ensemble Woodwinds
18-piece Bassoons, Contrabassoonss, English Horns, Oboes, Clarinets, Flutes, Piccolos.

Solo Woodwinds
Bass Clarinet, Contrabassoons, Bassoon, English Horn, Oboe, Flute Piccolo.

Concert Grand Piano

Concert Harp


Concert Marimba


Orchestra Chimes


Full Orchestra

Classical Choir

Classical Percussions
Chimes, Tubular Bells, Plate Bells, Bell Tree, Vibraphone, Marimba, Bass Drums, Snare, Cymbals, Gongs, Shakers, Crotales, Castanets, Agogos, Bongos, Timpani, Tambourine, Woodblocks.



Physically Modeled


Based on 14 iconic electric basses.

60’s P-Bass
based on* Fender® Precision Bass®, Alder body

70’s P-Bass
based on* Fender® Precision Bass®, Ash body

70’s J-Bass
based on* Fender® Jazz Bass®, Alder body

Modern J-Bass
based on* Fender® Jazz Bass®, Alder body

Devil Bass
based on* Gibson® EB-0

Bass Man 5
based on* Music Man® StingRay 5-string

Rick n’ Bass
based on* Rickenbacker® 4003

Studio Bass
based on* Yamaha® TRB5P

Violin Bass
based on* Hofner® Violin

Thunder Bass
based on* Gibson® Thunderbird

Japan Bass
based on* Ibanez® Soundgear

Flame Bass
based on* Warwick® Streamer

Imperial Bass
based on* Fodera® Custom 6-string

Metal Bass
based on* Dingwall® Combustion NG2 5-string



Mix & Mastering Effects

T-RackS 5 MAX

38 high-end audio processors.

EQs & Channel Strips

Discrete Proportional Q 3-Band Equalizer and Preamp

Discrete Proportional Q 4-Band Equalizer and Preamp

Discrete Proportional Q 10-Band Graphic Equalizer and Preamp

EQ 73
Discrete Class-A Preamp and Equalizer

EQ 81
Discrete Preamp and Equalizer

Master EQ 432
World Class High Performance Discrete Mastering Equalizer

EQP-1A Vintage Tube Program Equalizer
Classic Analog Tube-Based EQ

Linear Phase Equalizer
High precision, High Definition EQ

Classic T-RackS Equalizer
Analog Modeled EQ

Precision EQ processor with analog curves

White Channel
Modern Channel Strip

British Channel
Solid-State Channel Strip


Stealth Limiter
Ultra-Transparent Mastering Inter-Sample Peak Limiter

Black 76 Limiting Amplifier
FET Compressor/Limiter

White 2A Levelling Amplifier
Tube Opto Compressor/Limiter

Vintage Tube Compressor/Limiter Model 670
Vari-MU Compressor/Limiter

Precision Comp/Limiter
Discrete Class-A Dynamics Processor

Bus Compressor
Mix Bus Compressor

Quad Comp
Multi-Band Compressor

Quad Lim
Multi-Band Limiter

Opto Compressor
Optical-Based Compressor

Multi-Band De-Esser

Brickwall Limiter
Intelligent, Multi-Algorithm Limiting

Classic T-RackS Compressor
Analog Modeled Compressor

Classic T-RackS Multi-band Limiter
Three-Band Mastering Limiter

Vari-mu Tube Compressor

Reverb & Effects

CSR Hall Reverb
Large Acoustic Hall Reverb

CSR Plate Reverb
Dense Metal Plate Reverb

CSR Room Reverb
Acoustic Room Reverb

CSR Inverse Reverb
Envelope Controlled Reverb

Tape Echo
Vintage Tape Delay

Harmonics processors

All-in one Mastering Processor

Saturator X
Multi-Mode Harmonic Saturation Processor

Classic T-RackS Clipper
Mastering Soft Clipper

Special processors/metering

Quad Image
Multi-Band Stereo Imager

Mic Room
Microphone Modeling Module

Master Match
Automatic matching mastering processor

Full Metering
Full Metering Section for T-RackS 5

Lurssen Mastering Console

Official emulation of multi-Grammy® award winning Lurssen Mastering, Inc. mastering console.

  • A lifetime of mastering experience at your fingertips
  • 40 music-style templates
  • Stereo, Mono and Surround
  • New Digital Delivery Mastering (DDM) for iTunes®, Spotify®, Pandora® and more



Guitar Amps and Effects

AmpliTube 4 MAX, Fender Collection 2, Ampeg SVX 2, Fulltone Collection

The ultimate guitar and bass tone studio with over 350 pieces of gear.

Officially Certified** name brand gear and collections
from Fender®, MESA/Boogie®, Ampeg®, Orange®, Seymour Duncan®, Soldano®, Fulltone®, Groove Tubes®, Jimi Hendrix™, Slash and more.

Fender® officially certified amplifiers, cabinets, pedal and rack effects.

MESA/Boogie® officially certified amplifiers and cabinets.

Orange® officially certified amplifiers and cabinets.

Ampeg® officially certified amplifiers, cabinets and pedal effects.

90 amplifiers and 102 cabinets
including Fender®, MESA/Boogie®, Ampeg®, Orange®, ENGL®, Gallien-Krueger®, Jet City®, Soldano®, Dr.Z®, THD®, Carvin®, and more.

88 pedal effects and 26 rack effects
including Fender®, Ampeg®, Fulltone®, Morley®, Seymour Duncan®, T-Rex®, Wampler®, and more.

19 studio microphones collection

29 vintage and modern individual speaker models

2 tuners including UltraTuner

Hyper-realistic cab room with dual 3D mic positioning

8-track recorder and looper



*Legal detail