08 Oct 2018

"...contains many gems and jewels, and has even changed the way Dave has worked on a few things."

30 Jul 2018

"Total Studio 2 Max provides a great addition to my creative toolbox as a Film/TV composer”

19 Jun 2018

"Superior selection of e-basses and first-class guitar effects"

07 Jun 2018

"Once you’ve got Total Studio 2 Max all installed – you’ve got the makings to create the next best thing in music"

24 May 2018

"a really solid collection of programs that you'll find useful throughout the entire production process"

11 May 2018

"Practically every piece of software that IK makes for Mac and PC"

13 Oct 2017

Awards, artist news and More FREE Sounds for IK's synth powerhouse

28 Jul 2017

Get up close and personal with the secrets of IK's new legendary synth powerhouse

15 Dec 2016

Artist Ilan Rubin from "NIN" and "The New Regime"

06 Jul 2015

The Danish house hero talks to MusicRadar about his favourite software

17 Sep 2012

Interview by Jay Donovan on IK's guitar & bass signature gear models

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