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How does it sound?

To demonstrate how well AI Machine Modeling matches the real amp, we modeled several amps, cabs and complex rigs, and provided the original (real rig) recording for you to compare.

For best results please use studio headphones or monitors.

Fender® '65 Super Reverb®
Real rig
Fender® '57 Custom Twin-Amp™
Real rig
Orange® OR120™
Real rig
MESA/Boogie® Mark V™
Real rig
MESA/Boogie® Triple Rectifier®
Real rig

Stomp boxes through a '65 Fender Deluxe Reverb Fulltone OCD Fuzz Pedal Boss OD-1 distortion
Fulltone OCD
Real rig
Fuzz Pedal
Real rig
Boss OD-1 distortion
Real rig

From IK’s private amp vault we pulled a rare, one-of-kind 1953 wide panel Fender 5B6 Bassman amp to model using our new AI Machine Modeling technology. The Fender Bassman amp is one of the most sought-after tweed amps of the era. Approximately 660 (model 5B6) were made between 1952-1954.

1953 Fender Bassman (model 5B6) Crunchy Blues 60s Rock Strat Rhythm Tele Rock Tele Soul
Crunchy Blues
Real rig
60s Rock
Real rig
Strat Rhythm
Real rig
Tele Rock
Real rig
Tele Soul
Real rig

We've pulled another great amp from IK’s private vault to model. This time it’s a MESA/Boogie Triple Rectifier going through our new AI Machine Modeling technology.

Classic Rhythm
Real rig
Drop Rec
Real rig
Vintage Red
Real rig
Triple Clean
Real rig
Heavy Rhythm
Real rig

Complete Rigs

Complete rigs are entire signal chains including amp + cab, and different types of FX pedals such as overdrive, distortion, boost, EQ and wah. Using different combinations of Amps and FX you can create a unique Tone Model that matches your playing style.

Bright Lead
Real rig
Rock Overdrive Solo
Real rig
Scooped Hi-gain Rhythm
Real rig
Funk Rock Rhythm
Real rig

TONEX Reviews

07 May 2024

Lyle Workman: “It feels, sounds, and reacts like my favorite amps.”

03 Apr 2024

“I love how dynamic it is, from a soft touch to the edge of breakup in one preset!”

02 Apr 2024

Watch and learn how to master your tone on stage and in the studio

21 Mar 2024

IK equips the band with TONEX Pedals for their 10th-anniversary show

14 Mar 2024

Tone Junkie TV: “Sooze is running a bunch of our popular TONEX Captures!”

11 Mar 2024

The Tone Shepherd: “This is such an important conversation to have.”

08 Mar 2024

Could this be the ultimate silent stage fly rig for guitar and bass?

05 Mar 2024

“All of the best MESA metal amps are finally attainable!”

28 Feb 2024

Michael Nielsen on the new TONEX MESA/Boogie Reference Collection

14 Feb 2024

TONEX Pedal chosen as the "best in class" by readers of Sound On Sound

13 Feb 2024

Lonely Rocker shows how version 1.5 makes it easier than ever to find great tone

12 Feb 2024

Mike Cole: “There was this bonding experience ... the tones were getting unreal!

30 Jan 2024

Hey Worship Leader: “This board can do anything!”

25 Jan 2024

Kohle Audio Kult presents pro tips for capturing bass Tone Models

18 Jan 2024

“IK knocked it out of the park. People are still talking about TONEX."

16 Jan 2024

Jason Sadites: “TONEX has received huge improvements to many workflow aspects.”

04 Jan 2024

“You're going to have to guess if my rig is analog or digital!”

28 Dec 2023

“The amp simulator for players who want access to every tone”

12 Dec 2023

“IK's gorgeous TONEX pedal remains unrivaled at its price point!”

29 Nov 2023

“This is the best amp sim plug-in for metal. Here's why...”

07 Nov 2023

Jason Sadites shows how to produce better-sounding Tone Models

26 Oct 2023

“These tones cost how much? For what it is, that’s a very competitive price!”

17 Oct 2023

MusicTech explains how TONEX lets you model amps and effects for touring and recording.

15 Sep 2023

The Studio Rats: “The heart of the pedalboard is my TONEX Pedal.”

06 Sep 2023

Watch the final chapter in The Tone Shepard’s quest for an amazing pedalboard

30 Aug 2023

Guitar World: “AI power for incredibly accurate impulse responses!”

17 Aug 2023

Can TONEX Pedal replace your overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedals?

09 Aug 2023

"Considering its price compared to other options, this is a game-changer!"

03 Aug 2023

Here’s what makes it different from all the other modelers out there

24 Jul 2023

“It sounds great! I would pay twice the price for this pedal."

13 Jul 2023

“It feels great to play through. The amp sounds are amazing!”

05 Jul 2023

“The modeling and sounds are responsive and offer a realistic feel.”

22 Jun 2023

“All your essential amp tones in a robust and compact pedal.”

16 Jun 2023

“Since TONEX has been out we have really grown to love it!”

05 Jun 2023

Watch what the Berklee College of Music professor does with one Tone Model

25 May 2023

“Now you can fit your custom boutique amp in a backpack. Super cool stuff!”

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