Four priceless amps.
One mind-blowing collection.

The ODS Legends Signature Collection for TONEX gives you instant access to 4 priceless Overdrive Special amplifiers. Found behind many of the world’s best players including Robben Ford, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Larry Carlton, David Lindley, John Mayer and more, the Overdrive Special is sadly no longer made today, easily fetching 6 figures when a rare example goes to auction. As a bonus, we’ve also included 2 legendary overdrive pedals known to pair perfectly with these amps to further push your tone in exciting directions.

IK had the exclusive opportunity to capture each of these incredible amps while they passed through a world-famous studio in Nashville, Tennessee, renowned for its superior recording facilities and long history of hosting legendary musicians. All amp and pedal settings were dialed in by tone experts to a variety of sweet spots from clean to overdrive and meticulously captured in between recording sessions.

This Signature Collection of 20 Tone Models recreates the very essence of these vintage treasures and makes them finally accessible to all discerning tone aficionados. Utilizing IK's cutting-edge AI Machine Modeling Technology in conjunction with a sonically perfect environment has produced incredible results that you can own today.



Collection Overview

  • A collection for use across the entire TONEX ecosystem: Mac/PC, iOS, TONEX Pedal
  • 20 Tone Models based on 4 Dumble® Overdrive Special amplifiers, a Klon® and an early '80s Tube Screamer®
  • Created using cutting-edge AI Machine Modeling™ technology with advanced training
  • Painstakingly dialed in and captured at a renowned recording studio in Nashville
  • Compatible with all TONEX versions including the free TONEX CS and TONEX App
  • Easily load and perform live with any Signature Tone Model using TONEX Pedal
Dumble Overdrive Special 50 watt (late ‘70s)

1979 Overdrive Special 50 Watt

Dumble Overdrive Special 100 watt (early ‘80s)

1983 Overdrive Special 100 Watt

Dumble Overdrive Special 50 watt (early ‘80s)

1984 Overdrive Special 50 Watt

Dumble Overdrive Special 50 watt (early ‘2000s)

2004 Overdrive Special 50 Watt

Showcasing an artist’s true talent

The all-tube Overdrive Special was produced in very limited numbers, each one hand-wired and custom-built for a particular artist to suit their playing style and tone requirements. Known for its inspiring harmonic richness in the overdrive channel and transparency in the clean channel, the ODS is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of genres including blues, rock and jazz, rewarding the player with unmatched headroom and responsiveness.

The 4 Overdrive Specials in this collection are pristine examples and were purchased from their original owners with their original tubes still mounted. Because the circuitry was tailored to suit a specific player, each amp offers a distinct and exciting tone that was captured with multiple settings, letting you find the Tone Models that sound best for your situation. Or enjoy the Rockstar luxury of mid-stacking several ODS Tone Models together in AmpliTube to create your own signature tones.


1979 Overdrive Special 50 Watt

This 1979 Overdrive Special amp head is a little brighter than the other amps in the collection with a more articulate midrange and tighter low end. It was connected to a 1979 2x12" cab with JB85 Celestion speakers during the tone modeling process, producing 4 Tone Models: Clean 1, Clean 2 (FET input), Overdrive 1, Overdrive 2.

Captured using:

  • Mic 1: Sennheiser 409
  • Mic 2: Audio-Technica 4081
  • Mic 3: Shure SM57 Unidyne
  • Outboard gear: Neve 1081 preamp and EQ
  ODS 1979 Especially Dirty
  ODS 1979 Sharp as a razor
iRig HD X

1983 Overdrive Special 100 Watt

This 1983 Overdrive Special amp head is harmonically rich with slightly higher mids than the ′84 ODS below. It was modeled running through a 1983 2x12" cab with EV 12L speakers, resulting in 5 Tone Models: Clean 1, Clean 2 (+ preamp boost), Overdrive 1, Overdrive 2, Overdrive 3.

Captured using:

  • Mic 1: Shure SM57
  • Mic 2: RCA BK-5
  • Mic 3: Lewitt LCT1040
  • Outboard gear: Neve 1081 preamp and EQ, AEA TRP preamp
  ODS 1983 Yes, it's bright
  ODS 1983 Tasty boost
iRig HD X

1984 Overdrive Special 50 Watt

This 1984 Overdrive Special combo amp offers a smooth and velvety overdrive with a touch of low-mid punch. For its capture, it was connected to 2017 Van Weelden 2x12 cab with EV 12L speakers, producing 5 Tone Models: Clean 1, Clean 2 (+ preamp boost), Overdrive 1, Overdrive 2, Overdrive 3.

Captured using:

  • Mic 1: Shure SM57
  • Mic 2: Royer 121
  • Mic 3: Sennheiser 441
  • Outboard Gear: Neve 1081 preamp and EQ, CAPI vp26 preamp
  ODS 1984 Sweet chime
  ODS 1984 Turn the light on
iRig HD X

2004 Overdrive Special 50 Watt

This 2004 Overdrive Special combo amp is slightly more mid-scooped when compared to the ′83 and ′84 ODS models above with a more defined low end. It was run through a 2017 Van Weelden 2x12" cab with EV 12L speakers during the tone modeling process, resulting in 4 Tone Models: Clean 1, Clean 2 (+ preamp boost), Overdrive 1, Overdrive 2.

Captured using:

  • Mic 1: Shure SM57
  • Mic 2: Royer 121
  • Mic 3: Sennheiser 441
  • Outboard Gear: Neve 1081 preamp and EQ, CAPI vp26 preamp
  ODS 2004 Smooth as silk
  ODS 2004 Fifty special ride
iRig HD X

Two legendary pedals

1981 Ibanez® TS808

The first Tube Screamer®, the TS808, was released in the late ′70s. A brilliant distortion and overdrive box from Ibanez, it has built a reputation that’s led it to pass into musical urban myth. Helped along with Stevie Ray's use, the TS808 is still highly in demand today with vintage units easily trading above $1,000.

Silver Klon® Centaur® overdrive

The legendary Silver Klon Centaur overdrive holds a mystique that’s undeniable as evidenced by the steep prices it fetches on used gear websites. With its unique overdriven tones and boosting capabilities, it’s the ideal boost to your front end or a full-on drive inspiring players from Jeff Beck to John Mayer.

iRig HD X
iRig HD X
iRig HD X
iRig HD X

State-of-the-art captures

All Tone Models in the ODS Legends Signature Collection were captured at a world-renowned recording studio located in Nashville, Tennessee. Housed in a 100-year-old Gothic revival grey stone church, the studio provides an exceptional acoustical space and has recorded some of the biggest names in music including Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Steve Martin and Paul Simon.

Living the legend

The ODS Legends Signature Collection offers you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the exact tones revered by countless guitar legends. Whether you seek the creamy overdrive of a Overdrive Special amplifier, the harmonically rich overdrive of a Klon or that timeless Tube Screamer tone, this collection gives you exclusive access to record and perform with these celebrated tones at any time.


Instant access

Signature Collections can be used with any version of TONEX including the free TONEX CS and TONEX for iPhone/iPad. You’ll have immediate access to your Signature Collections inside TONEX software. After purchasing, locate your collection inside TONEX software then select download. All the Tone Models will be available on your local library to play, practice and record.

TONEX Signature Collections GUI

Play Signature Collections live on stage

TONEX Pedal lets you store and play AI Machine Modeling Tone Models live on stage. Use the included librarian to transfer any Premium, free, Tone Partner, or Signature Collection Tone Model right to the pedal for your next gig, tour or recording session. Take the most sought-after gear anywhere.



TONEX for Mac/PC offers an intuitive, easy-to-use workflow to keep you in your creative zone. Play, practice and record as a standalone or plug-in inside your favorite DAW or directly inside AmpliTube 5. Always have the best possible tones right at your fingertips.


TONEX in AmpliTube 5

Tone Models function just like other AmpliTube amplifiers, cabs or pedals. They can be used alongside any gear models you own to build custom signal chains and save as presets for easy recall. The combination of TONEX and AmpliTube 5 represents the most advanced tone powerhouse on the planet today.

TONEX in AmpliTube

TONEX on the go

TONEX for iPhone/iPad lets you access your Premium Tone Model library anywhere with seamless sync for a limitless supply of inspiration. TONEX puts the world’s most iconic guitar and bass gear right in your pocket with realism like you never imagined. Just add an iRig for a killer practice rig on the go.

TONEX Capture

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