The king of vintage Italian synthesizers

Synth-X is the latest new synth for Syntronik 2, based on the Elka Synthex, the Italian monster polysynth manufactured in the early '80s. With its wonderful variety of pads, sweeps, leads and basses, you'll quickly understand why was and still is a go-to favorite for the world's most famous synth artists.

Synth-X sounds

Syntronik Synth-X includes a beautiful collection of pads, sweeps, leads, basses and sound effects. And in Syntronik 2, you can easily change the sound source in any of the 4 oscillators to create endless customized variations.

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The origin of Synth-X

Probably the most famous Synthex user is Jean Michel Jarre, with his iconic “Laser Harp” sound. It’s preset 46 on the Synthex hardware, if you ever get the chance to play one in person. The Laser Harp is two hard-sync oscillators modulated by a sweep of the pulse width. We've included an accurate version of Jean Michel’s sound along with several variations.

original synth

The original Synthex used DCOs – digitally controlled oscillators – for its sound generation. 2 oscillators per voice go into a Curtis 3320 multimode filter. Syntronik’s C-Type filter accurately models this Curtis filter response for a great software recreation.

More tech talk

As always, we've sampled raw oscillators, combinations of oscillators, sync and PWM, and of course some great full patches like the Laser Harp. We've also come up with an effective way of recreating dynamic PWM that can change rate and depth on the fly.

Complete your collection

With original hardware units now selling for well over $10,000, Syntronik Synth-X is the most realistic way to add Elka Synthex into your rig.


More legends, more control, more freedom

Syntronik 2 raises the bar for virtual synthesizers. It's a massive update to the previous release, adding 11 new synths for 33 synths in total, exciting new, advanced, and much-requested functionality including the new Edit Panel and Wave Set Browser, and a huge number of all-new presets for the 22 original synths taking advantage of all these new features.

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Can be used with Syntronik 2.1.0 or later and with SampleTank 4.1.5 or later.

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About the creator

Erik Norlander is an American musician known for his work in the progressive rock genre with extensive touring and recording credits. He was the co-designer of the legendary Alesis Andromeda analog polysynth among many other hardware synths and drum machines. Erik is IK's resident synth guru and the driving force behind award-winning IK products such as Syntronik software and the UNO line of analog synthesizers.

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