Album-ready synth drums!

We used the Modular Moog, EMS VCS3 and Alesis Andromeda synthesizers all cross-patched together to generate driving, powerful synth drums and percussion sounds especially for Syntronik.

This unique combination of top-quality synth sources creates album-ready analog drum sounds that will instantly boost the range, depth and quality of every production.

Syntronik Modulum


Forge massive drum tones for your next electronic hit or experiment by layering the Modulum drums with your freshly recorded drum kit - or any of the high-quality drum collections available for SampleTank – to come up with hybrid-sounding, modern drum kits that are so popular today for pop, hip-hop and many other genres. Liven up your rhythmic tracks and “bend” the Modulum to your own will, play out with the filters, add effects and have some serious drum fun.


You can even use our powerful 4-part arpeggio to create electronic beats and rhythms right inside Syntronik! Really, it’s up to you.

Syntronik - Hardware Synthesizer DNA



  • 400 MB of content
  • Over 2,000 samples
  • 108 instrument presets
  • 27 multis

Requires Syntronik 1.2 or higher or SampleTank 3.7.2 or higher

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