Vividly dystopian, cinematic and unorthodox sax sounds

Extraterrestrial Saxophone explores a new sonic universe, combining fascinating saxophone techniques with beautiful analog reverbs and delays. It features disturbing pads, shiny arpeggios and solid slabs suitable for 808-like basses all the way to shiny pads for any film score and modern pop productions.

Extraterrestrial Saxophone sounds

Every sound is originated from different outstanding saxophone techniques, played by Severin Neubauer on baritone and alto sax, to extend the instruments range across the whole keyboard.

ST Extraterrestrial Saxophone GUI

The Slap is the most percussive sound coming out of a saxophone. Using special tongue-technique the reed is pulled away from the mouthpiece. Due to its flexibility, the reed slaps back onto the mouthpiece and creates the characteristic wooden slap sound.

The Tongue Ram is similarly percussive, but is the result of a very hard push of the tongue against the reed.

Overtones are naturally contained in every tone in the spectrum and, through targeting one or more of those overtones while playing the root note, the saxophone can produce an almost electric sound.

Falls & Whistle Tones are the result of postural changes inside the mouth. Adjusting the formant using vocal mechanisms makes it possible to play very high aliquots of a tonal spectrum resulting in whistles above the actual spectrum of the instrument. The same mechanisms can be applied to change the pitch of the notes, resulting in what we called "falls.“

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The origin of Extraterrestrial Saxophone

Severins versatility makes him capable of manipulating the sound of his instrument in many different ways, using the above techniques or other parameters like pulling or pushing the air in different strengths in addition to certain mouth positions to create distortion effects. We called it the “Growling Saxophone.”

After we recorded all the dry sounds, to be processed at a later stage, we also created a few live sounds sending the sax through various effect pedals, recording Severin playing live changing settings of the chain simultaneously to create monstrous soundscapes and effects. These sounds were recorded through a guitar cab using a SM57.

More tech talk

The library was recorded and produced by Filippo Gaetani and Florian “flohzirkus“ Hager. Icon artwork by Filippo Gaetani and Florian Hager.

The Saxophones used were a Henri Selmer Paris, Super Action 80, Series 2 Baritone and a Henri Selmer Paris, Series 3 Alto recorded at Tic studio Vintage Room - Vienna with a Neumann M49 & a Neumann 476 preamp.

Unique wind instrument sounds

Whenever you want a unique sound for your music you'll love experimenting with the Extraterrestrial Saxophone.


SampleTank 4

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Extraterrestrial Saxophone works inside SampleTank 4 CS, offering you all the features of the new SampleTank 4* engine and over 4 GB of fresh sounds to get started.

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About the creators

Severin Neubauer was born in Vienna in 1998 into a musical family and began to learn to play the saxophone in the age of 8. He is multiple 1st prize winner of “Prima la Musica” at state and federal level. In 2021 he won the 2nd price of the Varazdin Woodwind and Brass Competition Grand Prix.

Filippo Gaetani is an independent record producer, sound engineer, composer and songwriter who has been recording, mixing and writing music for almost 35 years with a large and varied number of artists and bands from many parts of the world including the US, the UK, Canada and Europe.

Florian Hager is an emerging and versatile hip-hop/indie pop producer and drummer who is collaborating with Filippo on a large number of projects.

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