Bring the superstitious funk with vibey, organic electric tones

Clavitube is an extensive library that covers the full range of tones created with the Hohner® Clavinet in the groovy 1970s, with 1.6 GB of content and 250 SampleTank 4 instrument presets that take full advantage of the powerful effects and playback engine of SampleTank 4.

Two meticulously maintained instruments from the personal collection of Erik Norlander were recorded in stunning detail with multiple pickup settings: the classic D6 model with its trademark wooden top and the more road-oriented E7 model with its black tolex case.

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The Clavinet was originally designed as a portable instrument, and caught fire as a vanguard keyboard instrument of rock, funk and blues. Especially when played through a great guitar amp, the Clavinet takes on a dynamic and vibrantly expressive quality quite similar to an electric guitar, thanks to its single-coil pickups. Several pickup settings of both Clavinets were sampled at multiple velocities and made available with 3 different amp models taken from AmpliTube with effects including wah wah, phaser, chorus and more.


To make the instrument even more expressive, Buddy Castle invented the “Castlebar” system in the 70s – a whammy bar that works in the same way as on a guitar, changing the pitch of all of strings together for dramatic bends and wide vibrato. The Clavitube library covers this clever modification with several guitar-like presets that let you bend and vibrato for bluesy, soulful soloing.

Clavitube has been specifically designed to complement SampleTank 4 MAX and is the perfect way to expand your SampleTank 4 sound palette. Note that a smaller version of two of the D6 clavinet pickup settings (Clav D6 BT-DA and Clav D6 S-DA) is included in SampleTank 4 MAX. The full version of these pickup settings (3X the size) is included in Clavitube to provide the complete set at maximum depth.

Carefully programmed to take full advantage of all the features of SampleTank 4’s sound engine, these instruments offer pre-programmed control macros, sound effects, and more, to give you immediate inspiration and endless flexibility.

SampleTank 4

The new SampleTank 4 has been re-designed from the ground up to be every musician’s “go to” workstation for music creation, with a completely new rescalable interface, a massively expanded sample library and a new cutting-edge sound engine with efficient disk streaming, to deliver more powerful music creation tools than you ever imagined. What might usually take dozens of plug-ins can be accomplished right inside SampleTank 4, for lightning-fast workflow that keeps your inspiration going.

Clavitube works inside SampleTank 4 CS, offering you all the features of the new SampleTank 4 engine and over 4 GB of fresh sounds to get started.

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