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Concert Grand YF3

Concert Grand YF3 is based on robot-assisted deep multisampling of a meticulously well-kept 9' Yamaha CFIII concert grand piano. Extremely sensitive and responding to the lightest touch, Concert Grand YF3 offers the volume of sound and depth of tone color needed to fill any musical project or concert hall.

When Yamaha craftsmen unveiled the CFIII in 1983, it was an instant hit. Praised by both critics and performers for its sound and playability, it’s been used by a number of notable pianists, including Chick Corea, Hiromi Uehara and Glenn Gould.

It was also the first Yamaha piano to use the company's new "Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II" (SHS II), which is designed to provide a more realistic feel and response. Though discontinued, the CFIII is still considered to be one of the finest concert grand pianos in the world and one that can be yours today in the Concert Grand YF3.

Yamaha CFIII concert grand piano

Using DPA microphones for the close miking and Schoeps mics for medium-distanced coincident pair, this spectacular piano was recorded at the legendary Fonoprint Studios in Bologna, Italy, within the walls of a 15th century convent.

In addition to our many IK sample sessions over the years, Fonoprint has hosted the very best Italian and international artists from Ennio Morricone to Luciano Pavarotti to Andrea Bocelli.

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Macbook with Pianoverse GUI

Based on a 9' Yamaha CFIII concert grand piano

Infinite piano expressions

Introducing a powerful new performance engine, Pianoverse recreates perfectly the immersive experience of playing the world’s finest pianos, while adding an inspiring range of sound-shaping environments, from iconic to exotic.

Pianoverse GUI
Pianoverse GUI

Pianoverse begins as a series of 8 remarkable instruments paired with unique spaces and loaded with presets. As we seek and gain access to other exceptional pianos, we’ll expand the series further. You can start with one or two and add others later, endlessly discovering new inspiration as you need it.

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Concert Grand YF3 concert grand piano

  • Based on a 9' Yamaha CFIII concert grand piano
  • Captured using DPA and Schoeps microphones
  • Recorded at the legendary Fonoprint Studios
  • 29.4 GB of sound content
  • 25 instrument presets

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