Seamlessly manage all your IK products

The IK Product Manager gives you one central location to manage all the latest IK Multimedia products. It’s your central command for registration, downloads, installation, authorization, checking for updates, and much more – all optimized to get you back to your music faster than ever.


Download the IK Product Manager

Download the IK Product Manager

  • Register hardware and software in one location
  • Download, install, and authorize software
  • Simplified sounds download with pause/resume
  • Authorize and de-authorize computers
  • Update software, sounds and firmware
  • Easily manage your entire IK collection

Easily register any IK product

The IK Product Manager gives you one central destination to register any IK product, hardware or software.

If you register hardware that includes bonus software content, as soon as you’ve registered a pop-up will inform you of the software added to your account and they’ll be right there in the software tab.*

Manage your software collection

In the Software tab, you can easily check at a glance to see what’s installed on your machine and check for available updates. You can also see bonus downloads like artist presets, if available. Plug-in not installed? Download, install and authorize in seconds. New release? Click “Release Notes” to see what’s new, and update with just a click.


Remove unneeded authorizations

The IK Product Manager now allows you to de-authorize a machine, freeing up more authorizations automatically. With 5 authorizations provided, you can easily move between machines as needed, adding and deleting authorizations as you go.

Smoother sounds management

In the Sounds tab, you can easily view all your available sound content, to confirm what’s installed on your machine. And each sound library is now wrapped into one single installer so downloading an entire collection takes just one click.


Use your time better

Setting up a new machine or installing a large collection can require a lot of downloads. The IK Product Manager lets you set a download queue, so you can leave it to run unsupervised. You can pause as needed, and even if you’re disconnected you can resume right from where you left off.

Keep your hardware in tip-top condition

In the Hardware tab, you can see all your IK hardware products, and download related drivers, control panels and other accessory software. Firmware updates and other accessory software updates can be found here, too.


Stay in the loop

The Notification Center lets you easily keep tabs on larger install jobs. You’ll get notified when downloads are done, software installed and authorized, and other useful updates, along with useful news about on new releases, updates, and more.

Do it your way

In the preferences tab, you can specify download locations and whether to automatically authorize software after installation.


Supported Products

The IK Product Manager is designed to support all current product versions; therefore, all the legacy products are not supported and will continue to be handled by the previous Authorization Manager.

Download the IK Product Manager.

*Does not include software requiring the user to select a title of their choice.


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