Discrete Proportional Q 4-Band Equalizer and Preamp for T-RackS.

Tape Machine 80

European discrete 24-channel analog tape machine


Discrete Proportional Q 10-Band Graphic Equalizer and Preamp for T-RackS.

EQ 73

Discrete Class-A Preamp and Equalizer for T-RackS.

Bus Compressor

Mix Bus Compressor for T-RackS.

Precision Comp/Limiter

Discrete Class-A Dynamics Processor for T-RackS.

White Channel

Modern Channel Strip for T-RackS.

Tape Machine 99

European 2-channel analog tape machine



The Swiss Army knife of compressors

British Channel

Solid-State Channel Strip for T-RackS.

EQ 81

Discrete Preamp and Equalizer for T-RackS.

Tape Machine 24

American 24-channel analog tape machine

iRig Stream

Streaming audio interface


Full Metering Section for T-RackS 5

Master Match

Automatic matching mastering processor for T-RackS.

Space Delay

Vintage tape delay/spring reverb system for T-RackS.


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