Syntronik 2 - Megawave

The powerful wavetable synth sounds of the Waldorf Microwave, a classic digital / analog hybrid


Syntronik 2 - Obie One

Recreation of the innovative Oberheim OB-1 , classic and fat sounding bass, pad and lead sounds


Syntronik 2 - OSC-V

Classic analog-filtered digital monosynth sounds of the Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar, a British classic


Syntronik 2 - Pro-VS

The sound of vector synthesis from the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS with its 4 digital oscillators through an analog filter


Syntronik 2 - Sorcerer

The timbres of the legendary Moog source, two fat analog oscillators and the legendary Moog 24dB per octave transistor ladder filter


Syntronik 2 - Syner-V

Based on the Digital Keyboards Synergy DK2, wide range of unique soundscapes


Syntronik 2 - Triptych

Based on the warm sounds of the classic Korg Trident with its separate synth, string and brass sections


Hammond B3X + Leslie Collection

MODO DRUM Kit - Black Oyster

This kit is a great choice for getting that classic ‘60s vintage sound.

MODO DRUM Kit - Djentleman

The perfect kit for a more modern metal sound.

MODO DRUM Kit - Jazzy

Built around a beloved 14-inch bass drum with a warm and punchy vintage tone.

MODO DRUM Kit - Extreme

Venture to the dark side with this vintage metal weapon.

MODO DRUM Kit - Reference

Stick with the classics. This model is a heavyweight masterpiece suitable for all genres.

MODO DRUM Kit - Bubinga

Crafted from exotic bubinga wood, characterized by its rich low end and focused punch.

MODO DRUM Kit - Grungy

A cult-like icon from the Grunge movement. What inspired this kit? Nevermind.

MODO DRUM Kit - Plexi

This kit delivers a thunderous ‘70s sound like a levee breaking. Perfect for classic rock.


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