Tones that will rock you
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The Brian May Collection unlocks the intricately-layered leads, muscular rhythm guitar, and sweet clean tones of guitar icon Brian May. Available inside AmpliTube for iPhone and iPad, this collection carefully replicates his live and studio rigs, including his unique setups and hand-built gear, for tone you can take anywhere.

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The Brian May Collection for AmpliTube iOS features 11 brand new models including 2 amps, 3 cabinets and 6 stomps, including a new pedal modeling his Red Special guitar, the unique home-built “Deacy” Amp (with adjustable battery power!), the famous triple-amp setup,
and much more too.

This machine is wild!! It transforms your guitar into a different instrument in a different universe - in this case, MY universe. Dial in one of the presets to get into Hammer to Fall or Bo Rhap or Killer Queen. Then make your own custom adjustments to fine- tune it, and mould it, and create the tone you want to own. And ... save!! Enjoy !

Brian May

You want it all and IK has delivered. We worked meticulously with Brian May and his techs to provide the unique signature sound you’ve heard on countless albums and stages for decades.

Listen to audio demos

All audio demos by Jamie Humphries (guitarist for official Queen production “We Will Rock You”, also performed with Queen, Brian May, Jeff Beck, Ronan Keating, more)


BM 30




2 Amplifiers

BM 30

Based on the classic triple VOX® AC30™ setup, this model offers 3 amps with the effects chain in a Wet-Dry-Wet configuration to match Brian May’s iconic setup.


Originally created by John Deacon, after modifying an old radio. This small amp soon became the trademark sound of many Queen songs.

3 Cabinets

2x12 BM1

Triple cabinet based on the cab section of VOX AC30 equipped with with Celestion™ Alnico Blue speakers.

2x12 BM2

Triple cabinet based on the cab section of VOX AC30 equipped with with Celestion G12H Anniversary speakers.

1x6 BM

Cabinet section of the BM DK amp, featuring a 6” speaker, modeled after the mysterious “Deacy” amp.

2x12 BM1 - 2x12 BM2


1x6 BM


6 Stompboxes

Red Special

Created by a detailed study of Brian May’s famous guitar, this helps add the unique tonality and controls of the Red Special itself.

Treble Booster

Based on the original KAT® Treble Booster, this stompbox effect will enrich your guitar tone similar to Brian May’s by boosting it before it reaches the amp.

May Wah

Based on a rackmount Dunlop® Cry Baby® wah, modeled in the exact configurations Brian uses to shape his tone.

FOX Phaser

Based on fOXX® Foot Phaser, a pedal-controlled phaser with a unique and distinctive sound.


Based on a traditional analog 30-band Graphic EQ, with +/- 15 dB boost per band and a+/- 15dB Level control. Perfect for overall tone shaping.

Star Gate

This noise gate helps clean up the signal chain, minimizing the noise feeding Brian’s unique amp and pedal setup.



Tones that will rock you

Available in AmpliTube CS
for iPhone and iPad

  • Create your dream rig: up to 6 stompbox FX, amp, cabinet and 2 movable mics
  • Incredible tonal flexibility: mix and match pedals, amps, cabs, mics and more
  • Utilizes the same great DSP as AmpliTube for Mac and PC
  • Get the sound of legends like Jimi Hendrix, Slash, and Dimebag Darrell
  • Iconic official gear from brands like Fender®, Mesa/Boogie®, Orange® and more

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