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Product Spotlight

UNO SynthTrue analog synthesizer. Easily programmable. Ultra-portable.

London GroovesAn authentic Rock Drum Beat anthology for SampleTank 3, with over 70 loop instruments and 1500 wavs.

iRig Stomp I/OUSB pedalboard controller/audio interface for iOS, Mac, PC

iLoud Micro Monitor White Special EditionUltra-compact, high quality reference studio monitors

iLoud Micro MonitorUltra-compact, high quality reference studio monitors

Syntronik DeluxeThe Legendary Synth Powerhouse Expanded

Leslie CollectionThe official Leslie collection for AmpliTube and T-RackS. Includes AmpliTube Leslie and T-RackS Leslie.

AmpliTube LeslieThe official Leslie collection for AmpliTube

T-RackS LeslieThe official Leslie® collection for T-RackS

Total Studio 2 MAXThe ultimate software collection of 94 VI & FX products

Total Studio 2 DELUXEThe deluxe software collection of 35 VI & FX products

Syntronik for iPhone/iPadLegendary Synth Powerhouse for iPhone and iPad

MODO BASSThe first physically modeled electric bass virtual instrument

iRig Keys I/O 25Keyboard controller with audio interface and 25 full-size keys for iOS, Mac/PC

iRig Keys I/O 49Keyboard controller with audio interface and 49 full-size keys for iOS, Mac/PC

iRig Mic HD 2Handheld digital condenser microphone for iPhone, iPad and Mac/PC

SyntronikThe Legendary Synth Powerhouse

T-RackS 5Mixing and mastering workstation with 9 processors

iRig Pre HDDigital microphone interface with Class A preamp for iOS, Mac and PC

T-RackS 5 DeluxeMixing and mastering workstation with 22 processors

T-RackS 5 MAXMixing and mastering workstation with 38 processors

T-RackS Custom ShopMixing and mastering plug-ins on demand

ONEAll-in one Mastering Processor

Dyna-MuVari-mu Tube Compressor

EQualPrecision EQ processor with analog curves

Master MatchAutomatic matching mastering processor

Full MeteringFull Metering Section for T-RackS 5

iKlip GOProfessional selfie stick with Bluetooth shutter

Ampeg SVX 2Iconic Ampeg® amps from the Classic and Heritage series

ARC System 2.5Acoustic Room Correction System plug-in with MEMS microphone

iRig Pro I/OUniversal ultra-compact audio/MIDI interface for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac/PC

Fender Collection 2 for iPadClassic Fender tone on your iPad

Fulltone CollectionThe official Fulltone® effects collection for AmpliTube

iRig Recorder 3 for AndroidPro-audio recording and editing app with video for Android

iRig RecorderPro-audio recording and editing app with video for iPhone/iPad

iRig Acoustic StageAdvanced digital microphone system for acoustic guitar

Fender Collection 2The iconic collection of Fender® amps from the '57 Custom Series, '53 Bassman and '65 Super Reverb

Gear Selection

Included Gear

  • 10 Stompbox Models – Acoustic Sim, Chorus, Flanger, Opto Tremolo, Delay, Wah Pedal, Diode Overdrive, Compressor, Graphic EQ, Volume Pedal (can be controlled by external controller)
  • 9 Amplifiers – 5 Classic British Amps: Brit 8000, Brit 9000, Red Pig, Brit Silver and Brit Valve Pre, plus American Tube Clean 1, American Tube Clean 2, British Tube Lead 1, Solid State Bass Preamp
  • 10 Cabinets – 4x12 Brit 8000, 4x12 Brit 9000, 4x12 Red Pig, 4x12 Brit Silver, 4x12 Brit 30, 4x10 Open Vintage, 1x12 Open Vintage, 2x12 Closed Vintage, 4x12 Closed Vintage 1, 1x15 Bass Vintage
  • 29 vintage and modern individual speaker models
  • 4 Microphones – Double Dynamic 57, Dynamic 57, Condenser 414, Condenser 87
  • 2 Rack Effects Units – Digital Delay & Parametric EQ
  • 2 Tuners – UltraTuner plus a Fully chromatic rack tuner

First and foremost, AmpliTube is all about the gear. AmpliTube 4 ushers in 5 new British classic amplifiers and cabinets, plus an acoustic guitar simulator, a double mic setup and the world’s most precise digital tuner — UltraTuner. In addition, AmpliTube 4 delivers the ability for you to swap out individual speakers in a speaker cabinet, a software first! Choose from 29 individual precisely modeled vintage and modern 12" guitar cabinet speakers.

New British models

AmpliTube 4 welcomes 5 new classic amplifier models to the mix representing some of the best British tones from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Each amplifier has been modeled from scratch to embody a different aspect of powerfully classic British amplifier design. There’s the Brit 8000 (based on the JCM800), Brit 9000 (based on the JCM900), Red Pig (based on the Marshall Major), Brit Silver (based on the Silver Jubilee) and Brit Valve-Pre (based on the JMP-1).


Brit 8000
Based on Marshall® JCM800™ amp head

4x12 Brit 8000
Based on Marshall® 1960 Lead Vintage 4x12 slanted cabinet
loaded with G12-80 speakers

Brit 8000

The new Brit 8000 is based upon the early 80s JCM800, the amp that although most think of the Plexi’s as the defining tone of a pushed Marshall, in reality it’s the JCM800 that people are hearing.

The JCM800 was the first departure from the Plexi format designed for players who desired a “hotter” front end and more control over the overall output volume.

The result? More preamp overdrive and crunch at controllable volumes.

The Brit 8000 comes with matching cabinet 4x12” Brit 8000 which is based on Marshall® 1960 Lead Vintage 4x12 slanted cabinet loaded with G12-80 speakers.


Brit 9000
Based on Marshall® JCM900™ amp head

4x12 Brit 9000
Based on Marshall® 1960A Lead Vintage 4x12 slanted cabinet
loaded with T75 speakers

Brit 9000

The new Brit 9000 is based upon the early 90s introduction of the “evolution” of the JCM 800, the JCM900.

This dual channel, dual reverb head was designed for versatility with channel 1 voiced from clean to low level lead gain when cranked, and channel 2 voiced with enough gain to provide fearsome lead tones at low gain to screaming solo tones at high gain.

The Brit 9000 comes with matching cabinet 4x12” Brit 9000 which is based on Marshall® 1960A Lead Vintage 4x12 slanted cabinet loaded with T75 speakers.


Red Pig
Based on Marshall® Major™ amp head

4x12 Red Pig
Based on Marshall® Major 4x12 slanted cabinet
loaded with T75 speakers

Red Pig

This gem from the 60s is based on the Marshall Major 200 “Pig” (as it was nicknamed) made famous by players like Ritchie Blackmore, Jimmy Page, Joe Perry and at times Stevie Ray Vaughan.

It was originally produced for players who needed more stage volume and sported a full 200 watts powered by KT88 power tubes.

Nicknamed “the Pig” because it was a full 3” deeper than Marshalls of the day to accommodate the larger transformers, it quickly became the favorite of larger venue players.

The Red Pig comes with matching cabinet 4x12” Red Pig which is based on Marshall® Major 4x12 slanted cabinet loaded with T75 speakers.


Brit Silver
Based on Marshall® Jubilee™ amp head

4x12 Brit Silver
Based on Marshall® 2551A 4x12 slanted cabinet
loaded with T75 speakers

Brit Silver

Based on the 1987 Marshall Silver Jubilee commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Marshall company, the Brit Silver features the 3-gain mode of the preamp circuit “clean”, Rhythm Clip and Lead.

The Silver Jubilee was also the first Marshall to feature an output power section that could be switched from full to 1/2 power, thus providing that JCM800 tone at reasonable volumes.

The Brit Silver faithfully recreates the original Silver Jubilee down to every minute detail for hyper-real authentic Marshall tone.

The Brit Silver comes with matching cabinet 4x12” Brit Silver and is Based on Marshall® 2551A 4x12 slanted cabinet loaded with T75 speakers.


Brit Valve Pre
Based on Marshall® JMP-1™ tube preamp

4x12 Brit 30
Based on Marshall® 1960A Lead Vintage 4x12 slanted cabinet
loaded with V30 speakers

Brit Valve Pre

Rounding out the new Brit series of amps is a preamp model based on the Marshall JMP-1 valve preamp. The JMP-1 was Marshall’s first foray into the world of MIDI control with Marshall tone. It allows players to sculpt the tones they want, then save those tone presets for recall by MIDI control at any time. It's one of the most simple preamps, very straight forward. It has the staple Marshall controls like Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble and Presence. It features a bass shift, 2 overdrive channels, and 2 clean channels. For its ease of use and its “ready to go” sound character, it quickly became one of the most iconic Guitar preamps of the era. Almost 90% of the pro players at the time had a JMP-1 in their rack of toys.

The Brit Valve-Pre comes with matching cabinet 4x12” Brit 30 and is based on Marshall® 1960A Lead Vintage 4x12 slanted cabinet loaded with V30 speakers.

Sponge & Sag – Dynamic Response

All of these new amplifiers have been created utilizing the same methods and patented technologies that have made the AmpliTube brand name synonymous with world-class sound, hyper-realistic tone and extreme accuracy. These models also bring a new level of realism and sonic accuracy through a new technology that precisely replicates the dynamic interaction between the power amp and the speakers, finally eliminating the “harshness” found in the upper frequencies of other software.


Acoustic Simulator

AmpliTube 4 ushers in a new “Acoustic Sim” pedal that turns your electric guitar into a hyper-realistic acoustic. It delivers stunning realism and an amazing playing experience that can be tweaked with the onboard controls.

You can choose from and blend 3 acoustic body styles and 3 types of guitar tops to sound like a wide range of acoustic guitars.

Now with AmpliTube 4 you’ll always have at your disposal great acoustic sounds.


Double Dynamic 57

AmpliTube 4 includes the Double Dynamic 57, a special mic setup based on a pair of Shure SM57 microphones.

It can even be found in a typical setup used in the most sought after recording studios.

It is made up of not one but two dynamic mics, one pointing straight and the other angled at 45 degrees.

The phasing phenomenon generated by this setup produces pleasing high-frequency cuts, enhancing the boldness of the sound.


Effects Loop

New in AmpliTube 4 is an additional slot in the signal chain right after the amplifier pre-amp section but before the power stage. Most of you will recognize this slot as the effects loop or insert and it allows you to add in up to 4 daisy chained effects for signal processing before hitting the power section.

But that’s not the coolest addition to the signal chain… now you use many of the stompbox and rack effects in ANY of the effects slots. Thanks to an innovative visualization feature and flexible routing options, you can now stick your favorite stompbox into the post-cabinet rack section or in the effects loop rack, or swap your favorite rack effects for a slot on the pedalboard. It’s a feature we’ve always dreamed of and now all our dreams have come true!


Stomp FX placed into Rack section

Stomp FX placed into Rack section - Edit mode

Rack FX placed into Stomp section

Rack FX placed into Stomp section - Edit mode



Also stock in AmpliTube 4 is an upgraded tuner section with our patented UltraTuner technology — the most precise digital tuner available. UltraTuner delivers tuning accuracy down to 1/100th of a cent — so precise that it is more accurate than the “gold standard” mechanical strobe tuners. UltraTuner actually made it’s debut as an iOS & Android tuner and quickly became the go-to tuner for mobile musicians. Now it’s built into the first stop in the AmpliTube 4 signals chain.


Amplitube Custom Shop

The Custom Shop

Multimedia “always open” 24/7 online gear store. In the Custom Shop, you can “try before you buy” gear from the top manufacturers in industry like Fender®, MESA/Boogie®, Ampeg®, Orange®, Soldano™, Groove Tubes®, Gallien-Krueger®, Jet City Amplification™, THD® and T-Rex®, Fulltone®, Z.Vex®, Carvin®, Morley®, Wampler Pedals®, Dr. Z®, ENGL® and more. In addition to these well-recognized brands, there’s also signature gear from artists like Slash and Jimi Hendrix.


Custom Shop Brands and Collections


AmpliTube 4 can also be expanded with legacy gear from previous versions of AmpliTube via the Custom Shop. Owners of previous versions can restore all purchases and gear with the “restore my gear” feature in the Custom Shop. All told, there’s over 280 pieces of professional-grade gear now available for trial and purchase in the Custom Shop!


The Amp Room


As a standalone software and DAW plug-in, AmpliTube 4 comes with the gear listed. If you currently own a previous version of AmpliTube, you can use the Custom Shop feature to restore all of your gear from Custom Shop purchases and legacy gear.

Below are all the gear models you can add to your rig through Custom Shop.


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