Press Releases

11 May 2023

IK’s immersive monitoring solution is now offered with optional mounting brackets

10 May 2023

Featuring more affordable prices with more accessible upgrades

26 Apr 2023

Join the music production platform and get 2 great IK products included

20 Apr 2023

The FREE preset-sharing community soars past another milestone

13 Apr 2023

An affordable and compact audio interface for guitar and bass players

13 Apr 2023

IK’s class-defying studio monitors are now available in a choice of colors

06 Apr 2023

A massive update to IK’s complete music-production suite

06 Apr 2023

Packed with more products to complete your collection for less

31 Mar 2023

Master the concepts with GRAMMY winners Gavin and Reuben of Lurssen Mastering

24 Mar 2023

Free TONEX update adds more Premium Tone Models for MAX users

16 Feb 2023

A breakthrough pedal for playing AI Machine Modeling software-generated Tone Models live

07 Feb 2023

Unlock TONEX MAX on your iPhone and iPad for $9.99 a month

26 Jan 2023

A high-quality multi-pattern microphone and stereo/4-channel audio interface

09 Jan 2023

Audiophyles presents a detailed course on using iRig Stream Solo for social audio

15 Dec 2022

A modern salsa percussion library for SampleTank by Cuban Producer Alex Rivas

13 Dec 2022

The FREE update adds pedal Tone Models for a whole new level of tone-shaping

01 Dec 2022

NEW iconic stone room reverb and compression plus all T-⁠RackS now Apple silicon compatible

23 Nov 2022

Learn more about the guitar hardware that includes IK's new Tone Modeling software

17 Nov 2022

Advanced AI Machine Modeling for iPhone and iPad now with iRig

10 Nov 2022

Explore alternative sounds and an unbeatable promotion for SampleTank

18 Oct 2022

New Urban Sound libraries for SampleTank from GOAT Audio

13 Oct 2022

Extending iLoud Precision’s calibration, customization and speaker emulation capabilities

29 Sep 2022

Now shipping TONEX Mac/PC for creating and downloading Tone Models of guitar and bass gear

16 Sep 2022

Save when you order now and experience IK's new tone modeling


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