15 Oct 2020

Users love T-RackS Space Delay

"Sounds superb without any hassle to obtain a great result."

The users have spoken and they love T-RackS Space Delay.  Find out what they have to say below, check out a great (and comprehensive) user video, then try the demo and hear for yourself.

Sounds superb without any hassle to obtain a great result."

Jeezo/Zozilla (see video below)

A great sounding delay

Tape echo offers a unique sonic signature, and perhaps no unit offers a more recognizable sound than the Roland® RE-201 Space Echo™. Now you can enjoy the endlessly flexible controls and the instantly recognizable organic sound of this classic delay unit, captured with an unprecedented level of detail in the T-RackS Space Delay.

IK is the current king of modeling

Using the same mix of dynamic convolution and physical modeling as IK’s Tape Machine Collection, the T-RackS Space Delay captures the sound of this iconic effect, down to the finest detail.

More unsolicited quotes from users about T-RackS Space Delay:

I did a short test against some other vintage echo emulations and T-RackS Space Delay wins hands down... the audio quality is second to none!

Put it on a snare with 25 % wet and every single setting rocks... amazing. And the ducking feature is really useful also. IK - welllllll done!

It sounds really good, and great fun to dial in.

IK are top shelf.

It really sounds authentic and fantastic and is easy to use. Instant buy.

Check online on social media and audio forums to hear more great accolades!


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