12 Oct 2020

MusicRadar on Z-TONE DI: "Magic dust on your tone"

"A fuss-free DI with great sound, what's not to like?"

MusicRadar has been taking a close look at Z-TONE DI and was impressed by its straighforward operation, elegant design and fantastic audio quality.

Here are some of their key comments:

"IK Multimedia's AXE I/O guitar audio interface is quite possibly the best guitar audio interface on the market today."

"Z-TONE DI, which takes some of its features from the AXE I/O offers you a remarkable amount of control over your direct signal."

"DI boxes can make your life so much easier you'll wonder why you haven't used one before."

"The J-FET-buffered circuit sprinkles some magic dust on your tone, livening up its harmonic response and adding a soupçon of analogue warmth."

"The routing is clever and practical. Split your signal for recording by sending your mirrored signal via the Link output to your amplifier."

"A fuss-free DI with great sound, what's not to like?"

and the final verdict was:

"Variable impedance, switchable "pure" vs FET-buffered circuit, flexible routing... The IK Multimedia Z TONE DI has a lot to recommend it."

+ Excellent sound quality
+ Simple design makes it an excellent creative tool
+ Switchable circuits

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