7 Oct 2020

Guitarist magazine on Z-TONE DI and Buffer Boost: "A massive amount of utility"

"An asset for your pedalboard with practical recording capabilities, too"

GuitarWorld & Guitarist magazine have been taking a close look at Z-TONE Buffer Boost and Z-TONE DI, care of guitar gear expert Trevor Curwen.
Here are some of his key comments:

"With features suitable for live work and recording, the Z-TONE Buffer Boost’s stompbox form and footswitching should see it slip easily into a pedalboard slot."

"Set it to Pure and you get the unadulerated signal. Meanwhile, JFET will give you a subtly different tone, nicely enhanced with a little extra top-end."

"The pedal could be used for ‘always on’ tonal shaping but as a footswitchable ‘effect’ it can offer an instant alternative tone, with or without a boost."

"The sensible belt-and-braces approach of recording both a clean dry signal as well as your mic’d amp is easily carried out with the Z-TONE DI first in the chain, with its Link output feeding your amp."


"The Z-TONE has enhancements that would really benefit a guitarist’s studio while the Z-TONE Buffer Boost packs a massive amount of utility in one pedal. It's an asset for your pedalboard with practical recording capabilities, too."

Key Plusses

+ Practical tools for studio and the stage
+ Z-TONE DI has sensible routing for belt-and-braces recording
+ Decent array of outputs.

Final Score: 4 out 5 stars

Read the full review on GuitarWorld
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