13 Aug 2020

T-RackS Space Delay wins Gearslutz Gold Award

"Wow! A 'real' RE-201 for your studio - IK have nailed it!"

Gearslutz's 'Sound-Guy' has been taking a long, hard look at T-RackS Space Delay and was so impressed that he gave it a maximum of 5 stars in all review categories AND their prestigious Gold review award!

HIs comments are worth noting:

"I have quite a few software delay plug-ins that provide good delay FX, but I found Space Delay is different. Even in its cleaner settings, it has something special (I’d call it tape sound), but push the input level up, add noise and tape age, and it provides a really unique sound."

"I was surprised at how “gritty” the sound was when I pushed the Input control up so that the Peak/Level light flashed on a lot – more so than I would ever use in a jazz or pop tune (but fun with grunge or heavy metal)."

"How does It sound? In short, fantastic."

"The Space Delay will get you that 70’s sound for a lot less cash outlay than a hardware unit, and is a lot more capable for use with a DAW – stereo reverb, panned heads, tempo sync, to name a few things."

"In short, I’d say what I exclaimed when I first tried it – 'Holy F . . k n’ S . .t! This is fantastic!' - my wife didn’t approve of my English, but I thought Space Delay sounded wonderful."


"WOW! IK has nailed it. Every time I started to test/play with Space Delay, it seems the hours flew by! A lot of fun, a lot of realistic Space Echo effects, and I can use two or three of them in a project with different settings for much less cash outlay than buying three used units!"

Final Score:

5/5 Sound Quality
5/5 Ease of use
5/5 Features
5/5 Bang for buck
5/5 Overall score

T-RackS Space Delay receives the Gearslutz Gold Review award

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