30 Jun 2020

Digital DJ Tips awards iLoud MTM maximum 5/5 score

"There’s really not much like these on the market. We were hugely impressed"

Digital DJ Tips' very own Phil Morse has taken a very close look and listen to iLoud MTMs, IK's high-resolution compact studio monitors. He is extremely impressed by them, not least by how they also excel in all areas important for DJs.

Read some of Phil's key comments here:

"The sound definitely has a presence, openness and clarity that defies the size of them."

"They worked admirably."

"From a DJ’s perspective, what you’re looking for in a monitoring system is clarity between instruments, and no muddiness, to make getting the EQ right between tracks (especially when mixing) and to help pick out elements for tight beatmixing. You also want to know you can “trust” the bass response you’re hearing, so you can keep your low-end tight and under control in the mix.
In all these areas, they excelled."

"There is much to like about the IK Multimedia iLoud MTMs. They’re practical by design, with a multitude of angling and mounting options, and just by virtual of their small size. They’re smart, due to the DSP and the calibration system. And they’re great sounding – way beyond what you’d expect at the size.
There’s really not much like these on the market...
In short, if you have a small studio space, but also want to flexibility to take your monitors anywhere with you and still have them sound good, you should look closely at the IK Multimedia iLoud MTMs – we were hugely impressed."

Rating: 5/5 stars

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