21 Apr 2020

AskAudio on iRig Pro Duo I/O: "Portable audio interfaces don’t come much more handy"

"It covers all the bases for straightforward I/O for sound and MIDI recording"

AskAudio has been taking a close look at iRig Pro Duo I/O, courtesy of gear guru Hollin Jones. He was impressed by its portability, great audio quality and excellent supplied software bundle.

Here are some of his key comments:

"Test recordings were really clear, and noise not an issue at regular gain levels. Latency was also negligible."

"Hooked up to an iPad or iPhone it provides an all-in-one solution for recording sound, monitoring and dealing with MIDI."

"IK is keen to push not only the music side of this unit but also its versatility with things like podcasting and sound for video, perhaps hooked up to a DSLR."

"There's a really decent bundle of sounds and processors to get you making music."

Hollin's verdict was:

"Portable audio / MIDI interfaces don’t come much more handy than this. It’s lightweight with a range of connectivity and power options and covers all the bases for straightforward I/O for sound and MIDI recording."

+ Ultra portable
+ Great recording quality and low latency
+ Range of power and connectivity options
+ Cables supplied
+ Supports many platforms
+ Good software bundle

Read the full review on AskAudio
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