20 Feb 2020

T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb Available Now!

Experience the sound of an iconic studio.

We are happy to announce the availability of T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb!  Packing years of music history into a single GUI, this plug-in allows musicians everywhere to record with the acoustic ambiance and iconic sonic characteristics at Sunset Sound recording facility in Los Angeles, California.

T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb offers a powerful experience that lets users add a distinct sound from many hit songs recorded at Sunset Sound to their tracks as if they were at the studio themselves.  From the Doors, to the Rolling Stones, Van Halen, Prince, Rage Against The Machine, and many more, this studio has made its signature in some of the most classic songs of all time.

IK worked in collaboration with current studio owner Paul Camarata, multi-GRAMMY® Award-winning producer/engineer Ross Hogarth (Van Halen, Doobie Brothers) and many of Sunset Sound’s engineers to give recording engineers unprecedented access to the ambient sound and vibe of the studios in this landmark facility.

This new plug-in carefully captures each space, recorded using Sunset Sound’s high-end mic collection, to deliver not just the acoustics but also the unique vibe of the space.  Enter in and select from the various reverb options accessible from each of the three studios found in the facility:

  • Live Room: Studio 1, Studio 2 or Studio 3 
  • Iso Booth: Studio 1, Studio 2 or Studio 3
  • 3 Live Echo Chambers from Studio 1, Studio 2 or Studio 3
  • 2 Different Plate reverbs and 1 Spring Reverb

An intuitive GUI provides a realistic experience, offering information and insights about each particular room, as well as additional controls to help users shape the sound to suit their tastes.

The additional controls include:

  • Adjustable decay time and pre-delay
  • High-pass and low-pass filters
  • Low and high shelving EQs
  • Stereo image width
  • Wet/dry mix
  • Plus famous mic position options in studio 2, dampening options, and more
  • Variable room dampening and multiple microphone positions

Studio owner Paul Camarata notes, “For 60 years, the sound of our studios has been heard on hit records around the world. Now, we’re proud to be working with IK Multimedia to bring our famed sound to everyone’s recordings.  Sunset Sound Studio Reverb really nails the essence of our distinct character.” 

T-RackS Sunset Sound Studio Reverb is available now.  Click here to learn more.


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