30 Jan 2020

Music Teacher: "Hammond B-3X is by far the best emulation of the instrument"

"A complete delight to play, recreating authentic Hammond sounds to any music"

Music Teacher magazine's technology guru, Tony Cliff, has been taking a close look at Hammond B-3X and was impressed by its authenticity, controllability and astonishing sound.

Here are some of  the key comments from his recent review:

"There are a number of other rival Hammond organ plugins available, but the IK Multimedia B-3X is the only one officially endorsed by the owners of the Hammond Organ Company."

"The interface is visually stunning with the full array of drawbars and switches found on the original instrument, and all completely functional within the software."

"As soon as you play the instrument you witness the sound of the Hammond organ, which is both addictive and satisfying."

"What I particularly love is the way the Leslie rotating speaker system sounds, which is one of the glories of the Hammond organ."

"IK Multimedia’s Hammond B-3X is by far the best emulation of this instrument that I have heard to date and is a complete delight to play, recreating authentic Hammond sounds to any music you might be recording."

Tony's final verdict was:

"If you need a Hammond organ to add to your collection, I would highly recommend this product."

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