17 Jan 2020

NAMM 2020: New iLoud MTM White Version

Our compact studio monitors take on a new white color.

Looking to spice up your studio with a splash of color?  Well, just like our iLoud Micro Monitor series, the iLoud MTM studio monitors have taken on a new look with a brand new white version.  With all of the same great features, you can transform your studio in style with a choice between a new sleek white or classic matte black monitors.

With iLoud MTM you can hear instruments and dialogue as if they're happening live, discover more detail in your tracks than ever before, and stop wasting hours trying to EQ away issues with your mixes that were never really there.  With multiple built-in features to turn any room into a perfect recording and listening environment, iLoud MTM rivals competing studio monitors in all categories.

ARC Room Calibration

iLoud MTM offers built-in acoustic self-calibration via the included ARC™ reference microphone, to automatically adjust the frequency response to its placement. Just set up the monitors, put the microphone in your preferred listening position, press a button and you’ll instantly have a custom calibration for the sweet spot of your listening environment.

DSP Phase Correction

iLoud MTM leverages IK’s two decades of DSP experience to offer a true phase-coherent response across the useful frequency spectrum, for unbelievably realistic, natural sound like you’ve never heard.  This linear-phase response is rarely found in speakers even several times iLoud MTM’s price, and has to be heard to be appreciated.

Extended low-end

Deep bass is solid and firm - you won’t believe sound like this comes from a monitor so small.  IK’s new patent-pending Physical Response Linearization (PRL™) system delivers a stunningly “firm,” balanced and defined low end, to surpass the sound of speakers even twice iLoud MTM’s size.

Get all of these features and many more now with a new color option!  

Click here to learn more about iLoud MTM.

Click here to order iLoud MTM in white.



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