16 Dec 2019

MusicRadar on the T-RackS Tape Machine Collection: "Subtle sheen and harmonic richness"

"Enough tape flavours for a broad range of tasks"

MusicRadar has been taking a close look at the T-RackS Tape Machine Collection and were impressed by the number of editable parameters, the choice of tape types and range of machines available.

Here are some of the key comments:

"Visually, each plugin is uniquely styled and clearly inspired by the original hardware."

"These T-RackS  models do cover quite a range of machine types and tape speeds, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s the slower 1/4" models that sound the most coloured."

"Overall, Machine 99 is pleasingly hi-fi sounding."

"In terms of overall fidelity, we think Machine 24 wins hands-down, working well across multiple tracks for adding subtle sheen and harmonic richness."

The final verdict was:

"With four very different machines, editable parameters and a choice of tape types, T-Racks Tape Machines Collection includes enough tape flavours for a broad range of tasks."

Key Plusses

+ Four quite different tape machines
+ Adjustable bias, recording level and EQ
+ Stereo tape emulation mode

Read the full review on MusicRadar
Learn more about T-Racks Tape Machines Collection


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