22 Oct 2019

AskAudio on Hammond B-3X: "The sky is the limit for this great-sounding and authentic Hammond"

"It feels like you are using a real instrument"

AskAudio couldn't wait to get their hands on the new Hammond B-3X virtual instrument - and with good reason. Resident editor and keyboard guru, Hollin Jones, was amazed at the realism, the tweakability and the astounding authenticity of both the interface and its sound.

Here are some of his key comments:

"The look and feel of the app is absolutely gorgeous."

"The photorealism feels amazing. This isn’t just nice to look at either, it also helps you find your way around and feels like you are using a real instrument."

"It really does sound fantastic."

"The Leslie emulation is courtesy of the company’s dedicated Leslie suite and sounds incredible."

"There’s a huge depth of sound shaping and customisation available if you want it."

"The instrument has a handy MIDI setup section that shows you which MIDI channels are assigned to the different keys and pedals, and which CCs control which instrument parameters. These are, of course, editable."

Hollin's final verdict was:

"The B-3X is an amazing Hammond instrument that provides levels of realism and tweakability that I’m not sure I have seen in a software organ before. The sky is the limit for this great-sounding and authentic Hammond."

Key Plusses

+ Sounds incredible
+ Hugely playable
+ Unparalleled levels of realism
+ Developed with official Hammond Organ Company
+ Tweak and shape sound in great detail
+ Relatively small footprint
+ Helpful MIDI setup for optimal Hammond control

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