19 Sep 2019

Sound on Sound on iLoud MTM: "It's unique, affordable and it does it brilliantly"

"IK Multimedia should feel immensely proud"

Sound on Sound has been getting very excited over iLoud MTM, courtesy of expert reviewer Phil Ward, who has a long and impressive pedigree in speaker design, manufacture and installations - in short, a man who knows what he is talking about!

Here are some of this key comments from his 6-page meticulous review:

"Though compact and affordable, IK's newest monitors manage to cram in a remarkable amount of tech - and the results speak for themselves."

"The iLoud MTM's built-in room correction is a first for an entry-level nearfield monitor."

"In contrast to some of the distressingly heavy monitors that have recently passed though my studio room, the iLoud MTMs are refreshingly light at just 2.5kg each."

"It seems to me that employing the D'Appolito format on a desktop monitor is a smart idea."

"So how do the sum of the iLoud MTM parts add up? As it happens, they add up extremely well- especially given the genuinely entry-level price."

"The iLoud MTM presents itself from the start as a very capable monitor."

Phil's final verdict was:

"I don't really have any criticisms of the iLoud MTM, especially at the price. it constitutes a really clever application of electro-acoustic technology and genuinely offers something new and worthwhile. IK Multimedia should feel immensely proud of the iLoud MTM. It's unique, it's affordable, it does exactly what it sets out to do, and it does it brilliantly."

Compact and inexpensive
Well thought-out design
Great electro-acoustic performance and subjective sound quality
Integrated acoustic room correction makes it uniquely capable



"The only ultra-compact D'Appolito monitor that also includes onboard room correction turns out to be everything that it promises. A unique and genuinely great little monitor that ought to work well for all sorts of users."

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