4 Sep 2019

Ask Audio on MODO DRUM: "A triumph of engineering"

"Very easy to use and tremendous fun to play, you’ll find everything you need"

Taking a close look at the new MODO DRUM, Hollin Jones, editor for Ask Audio, was blown away by its superb flexibility, realism and ease of use. He was so impressed that he called it a "triumph of engineering".

Here are some of his key comments:

"IK Multimedia's latest addition to its MODO family brings unprecedented levels of control over your acoustic drum sounds and patterns."

"It’s worth pausing momentarily to mention how quick everything feels. Patch loading is super fast and switching between drums happens in the blink of an eye."

It’s a very powerful way to craft and create unique acoustic drum kits. The combination of sampling and physical modelling synthesis means its footprint remains relatively small while also offering basically infinite tweakability of the way drums are hit and react to being hit, as well as the space they are in."

"It performs very well indeed. Its sound is resonant and rich, the drums punchy and powerful."

"IK has wisely gone for a slick, clean and easy to use interface for the effects."

"MODO Drum is a triumph of engineering that also manages to remain very easy to use and tremendous fun to play. MODO Drum is the easiest I have come across in terms of its design - there’s nothing here to baffle even a beginner. Everything just makes sense. And for those needing to craft very specific drum kits and sounds, you’ll find everything you need."


+ Very easy to use
+ Sounds excellent
+ Supremely flexible control over drum kits and playback styles
+ Great bundled grooves
+ Powerful FX section and mixer
+ Create unique kits
+ Very CPU efficient and snappy

Read the full review on Ask Audio
Learn about MODO DRUM


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