30 Aug 2019

MODO DRUM wins 5-Star Gold Award from Gearslutz

"A whole new level of control"

Gearslutz has been taking  a close look at MODO DRUM, and they were so impressed that it was awarded the maximum score for each of their review categories.

Here are some of the comments from their in-depth review:

"Do the kits sound good? Definitely! I have four other software drum machines and MODO DRUM is up there, or beyond the others for pure sound quality, and way beyond for flexibility."

"The library is 1/10th the size of the others since it uses physical modeling for most of the drums."

"For more tonal variation there are 19 audio processors available to modify any cymbal or drum sound. There is plenty of variation available for the cymbals. But the drums provide a whole new level of control."

"I didn’t try to calculate how many kick, tom or snares could actually be modeled, but it’s more than I’ll ever need!"

"MODO DRUM also has a nicely designed Groove manager with over 1,400 grooves in different genres."


+ Excellent drum and percussion sounds with a great selection of basic kits

+ Extremely flexible control of the physical parameters for kick, snare and toms even in real-time while a kit is playing

+ Ability to mix and match drums and percussion from any basic kit to create new kits

+ Great groove manager with good selection of genre, category, length, and time signature - and even leading hand control - and over 1,400 groove presets

+ Playing style and physical changes to drums can be made while grooves are playing to instantly assess results

+ Comprehensive mixer with up to 16 stereo outputs in a DAW environment

+ Great selection of excellent FX that can be used per mixer track/bus 


Sound Quality 5 out of 5
Ease of use 5 out of 5
Features 5 out of 5
Bang for buck 5 out of 5
Overall Score 5 out of 5

Read the full review on Gearslutz
Learn more about MODO DRUM


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